Hitch 最後の恋のはじめ方

I thought this film is a romantic movie, and it's also about the vulnerability of peoples' hearts. It was hard to believe that Will Smith(ウィル・スミス) could satisfy without action, but he was fantastic with his never ending charm. He didn't even have to try to be lovable. He just was. Gentlemen, if you want to impress your lady, try to take her to this. I think women will like it as much as any chick-flick though I wouldn't categorize this as one. There is plenty of humor for men to enjoy. It was a film worth seeing.

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Tetsuro Tanba(丹波哲郎)has such big hands. My husband's hands are pretty big, but his hands are bigger. Tora san(渥美清)has kind of small hands, though.
Let me put the pictures of our hands so that you can see how big my husband's hands are.