Bedbug pictures ベッドバグ写真

Thank you so much for the most beautiful, wonderful, adorable, and happiest pictures in this world. On behalf of Bedbug, let me express my appreciation for this happiness, that I can meet such amazing friends here in Japan as well.


Frozen アナと雪の女王

The story is heart melting filled with the pure feeling and heart which has family at its center. Such gorgeous visuals, environments, costumes, and the brilliant voice talents that make this film a gigantic step forward need to be applauded. The cast consisting of Kristen bell(クリステン・ベル)and Idina Menzel(イディナ・メンゼル)among many others bring winning charm. We can enjoy their superior voice acting and magnificent vocals as well as the songs that will be stuck in our mind.

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(Open House) National Institute of Health Sciences (一般公開)国立医薬品食品衛生研究所

National Institute of Health Sciences in Setagaya-ku, Yoga, is being opened to public this weekend, July 26th (Sat) 10:00am-4:00pm. For farther information, please click the websites or the image. You could join us and get a bit smarter together.


The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug ホビット: 竜に奪われた王国

It is another solid blockbuster with lots of action, a decent story and strong special effects. The characters might be more interesting than before for some. Smaug in particular is a great creation both visually and stylishly. The film remains a feast visually, and the cast do solid jobs, for example when Martin Freeman(マーティン・フリーマン)and Ian McKellen(イアン・マッケラン)were allowed to be more than just special effects. The dwarfs made more of an impression, and Benedict Cumberbatch(ベネディクト・カンバーバッチ)was strong as the voice of Smaug, and Sylvester McCoy(シルヴェスター・マッコイ) and Stephen Fry(スティーヴン・フライ) were also superb as supporting roles.

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The Bedbug Who Wouldn't Bite かまないベッドバグ

"The Bedbug Who wouldn't Bite", I translated, became available via Amazon Japan today. Being published in New Zealand, the best place to be a working woman in the world according to OECD's data last year,
I sincerely hope this adorable and colorful world of the bedbug with the beautiful English rhyme from the country where such dignified women live will be enjoyed by both Japanese parents and children as well.

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