Mother Teresa

We can do no great things. Only small things with great love.(この世では大きいことはできません。小さなことを大きな愛でするだけです。)---- Mother Teresa


Rise of the Planet of the Apes 猿の惑星:創世記(ジェネシス)

Plot wise, it's very well told. Though it's not as intelligent as the original, but not dumb either. There is some science fiction in the film as well. As for the human cast, James Franco(ジェームズ・フランコ)seem more natural than Toby Maguire(トビー・マグワイア), who was originally lined up for the role. Brian Cox(ブライアン・コックス)and Tom Felton(トム・フェルトン)are bad enough as the film requires them to be, and Felton's performance is over-the-top. And the apes. The CGI might not be fully realistic especially when it's mixed with live actors, yet the apes in place of humans are awesome. Director Rupert Wyatt(ルパート・ワイアット)follows blockbuster blueprints from beginning to end.

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Plum blossom festivals 梅まつり

Lots of plum blossom festivals take place here in Tokyo as well in February and March. These festivals organize some intriguing events such as Haiku contest, Gardening contest, Photography contest, Karaoke contest, Tea ceremony, Drum performance... Let's be healed with the pretty blossoms and their fine smell. For farther information, please visit the website.



Fame フェーム

I wouldn't say this remake of "Fame" is better or worse than the original, but believe that comparing them is not fair as there is nearly a 30-year difference between them, which must cause a big difference. Of course, the students were fresh and new with a fine modern take, ant the teachers had the same real-life lessons. We can enjoy the lives of several students being hopeful applicants in a prestigious arts school as well as becoming prospering and proud graduates. This sequel, rather than a remake, shows us what happens in an art school.

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Charity Live [INJM] チャリティーライブ[イッツ ノット ジャスト マド]

An amazing excuse for a party that also helps INJM, a volunteer organization in Tohoku area Japan. http://itsnotjustmud.com/
Place: Crawfish Akasaka, Tokyo http://www.crawfish.jp/
Date: February 11th (Sat) 7:00pm-11:30pm
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ライブを楽しみながら東北支援ボランティア団体INJMを支援 http://itsnotjustmud.com/
場所: Crawfish 東京都赤坂 http://www.crawfish.jp/
日程: 2月11日(土)19:00-23:30