The Constitution of The Kingdom of Bhutan, Article 9

The State shall strive to promote those conditions that will enable the pursuit of Gross National Happiness.(政府の役割は、GNH(国民総幸福)を追求できるような諸条件の整備に努めることである。) ---- The Constitution of The Kingdom of Bhutan, Article 9


Noah ノア 約束の舟

It treats the bible with more respect than it deserves and for those with an open mind this is about the best possible telling of Noah story. It didn't make the story about Noah more plausible, but it was a great story set in timeless environments. I would say this adaptation is quite accurate and true to the biblical story with some tweaking here and there and something fresh made from a old and boring book. The CGI and acting, starring Russell Crowe(ラッセル・クロウ), co-starring Anthony Hopkins(アンソニー・ホプキンス), Jennifer Connelly(ジェニファー・コネリー) and Ray Winstone(レイ・ウィンストン)Emma Watson(エマ・ワトソン)is very well done with a top notch director, Darren Aronofsky(ダーレン・アロノフスキー)at the helm. You might want to watch it like you would with any other story made for the screen.

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Vampire Academy ヴァンパイア・アカデミー

Another YA adaptation whose fans had been waiting for. It is a faithful adaptation to the book and has all fans captivated, while it is also a great flick for non book fans of all ages as well. We can enjoy action, humor, and an incredibly portrayed friendship. Zoey Deutch(ゾーイ・ドゥイッチ)is gorgeous and charming, and the camera loves her. I would say it is an entertaining fantasy with a story that is a sort of combination of "Harry Potter" with "Twilight".

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ボストン美術館 華麗なるジャポニスム展 Looking East: Western Artists and Allure of Japan from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

"Looking East: Western Artists and Allure of Japan" from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston is being opened at Setagaya Art Museum until today (15th). For farther information, please click the website. Let's enjoy the mixture of multiculturalism.
ボストン美術館「華麗なるジャポニスム展 ~ 印象派を魅了した日本の美」 が、本日、15日(祝)まで世田谷美術館で開催されています。詳細はサイトをご覧くださいませ。ご一緒に多文化の交錯を楽しみましょう。


Nebuta Festival Sakura-Shinmachi ねぶた祭 桜新町

They are holding Nebuta Festival on Sazae-san Street in Sakura-Shinmachi (4 stations from Shibuya) this weekend (September 13th) For farther information, please click the URL. Let's beat the late-summer heat with the exhilarating Sazae-san Nebuta, shall we? http://www.sakurashinmachi.net/asp/news_dtl.asp?nt=7&nk=212


The Amazing Spider-man 2 アメイジング・スパイダーマン2

Another excellent film from Spider-man franchise. It had a good amount of comedy, truly deep emotions, and brilliant action. A great, cohesive film to lead on from the first one. The tender, spiky and very affecting relationship between Andrew Garfield(アンドリュー・ガーフィールド)and Emma Stone(エマ・ストーン)is brilliant, and you can really understand what's going on between them as both actors portray their characters very well. Also, it's more relative to the Spider-man comic books, compared to the Spider-man Trilogy, which might be great for some.

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