William Connor Magee

The person who makes no mistakes does not usually make anything.(失敗をしない者は、たいてい何も生み出さない。)----William Connor Magee


Christmas Party AEON Shibuya School クリスマスパーティ@イーオン渋谷校

AEON Shibuya school had Christmas party at Odaidoko Hanare today. We enjoyed their wonderful food, drink, and chit-chat. We also exchanged presents, and I got this gorgeous one. Thank you so much. (Who got my present?) Wishing you a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!
本日、イーオン渋谷校のクリスマスパーティがおだいどこ はなれにて楽しく開催されました。プレゼント交換では、こんなゴージャスなものをいただきました。ありがとうございます。(私のプレゼントは誰の手に?)皆さま、どうぞステキなクリスマスとよいお年をお迎えくださいませ。


The Lives of Others 善き人のためのソナタ

I can hardly remember such an intelligent and moving German movie especially not including the whole topic of GDR history and the dealing with it, and I guess this is the first German movie which shows this system as it used to be. "The Lives of Others," set in East Germany not long before the fall of the Berlin Wall, tells the moving story of a police investigator forced to confront himself and his job. In a society poisoned by secrecy, fear and the abuse of power, a number of the movie's characters including artists, actors, writers, and so on, had to look deep inside and decide what they are made of. This film takes the audience to an authentic place and time, and its tale is very satisfying. Ulrich Muhe(ウルリッヒ・ミューエ), who plays the investigator, is amazing, and the young director, Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck (フロリアン・ヘンケル・フォン・ドナースマルク), is to be applauded for this work.

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Christmas Jazz Concert

We went to Christmas Jazz Concert held at Setagaya Chuo Church today. For farther information, please click the image. We enjoyed their wonderful jazz music for free, and also got a present, which was the Bible written in both English and Japanese. Thank you so much. Even if I am guilty, I feel that I will be saved as long as I have this. I really appreciate this wonderful opportunity.


Becoming Jane ジェイン・オースティン 秘められた恋

Marrying for love used to be much more difficult back then as you can see lots characters in the film constantly tell Jane Austen that as a woman, she cannot hope to be the equal of a man, nor can she expect a happy life without a husband. This must have been a true fact, and every time I have to accept it, I feel so sad. Anne Hathaway(アン・ハサウェイ) did a great job. Though various characters in this movie kept telling Jane that she cannot write about anything which she hasn't experienced, but she did write a lot more things than her own experience thanks to her wonderful imagination and creativity.

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