Screening @Row Cafe in Sakura-Shinmachi ローカフェ@桜新町 10月31日(日)上映会

I went to a Café-Cine screening at Raw Café in Sarkura-Shinmachi today, which I've been getting a regular, and enjoyed their wonderful lunch and heart-warming films with free Gin and Tonic, and Cointreau thanks to the master and spent a bit gorgeous time there. Let me appreciate their kindness. Thank you so much. And, I met such an adorable kitty, Chikuwa-chan. My husband uploaded its video on Youtube, so please enjoy it clicking the Youtube image. For farther information, please visit the website. They screened Albatros' "CASSANDRA'S DREAM ", "GREYFRIARS BOBBY ", "VOCES INOCENTES " and "MODIGLIANI ".
本日も、常連になりつつある、桜新町のRaw Cafe映画上映会にお邪魔いたしました。とても美味しいランチと心温まる映画でプチ贅沢ざんまい。なんと、ジントニックとコアントローをサービスでごちそうになりました。ありがとうございます。そして、かわいらしい子猫のちくわちゃんともご対面。主人が動画をYoutubeにUPいたしましたので、Youtube画像をクリックしてお楽しみください。こんなかわいい子猫ちゃんがお店で出迎えてくれたら、足繁く通ってしまいそう。危険だ…。上映作品の詳細はサイトをご覧ください。作品はアルバトロスの「ウディ・アレンの夢と犯罪」、「ユアン少年と小さな英雄」、「イノセントボイス12歳の戦場」、「モディリアーニ・真実の愛」です。


Benjamin Franklin

He that cannot obey cannot command.(服従できない者は支配できない。)----Benjamin Franklin


Seven Pounds 7つの贈り物

The majority of the movie is mysterious, slightly confusing and will make you keep guessing a lot. It's almost hard to believe so many loose ends could be tied up as it nears its ending, but it does, and it does so beautifully. Everything culminates in this magnificent ending. I found both the acting, the music, the directing and the story were beautiful. A story of giving...sacrifice with purpose. Will Smith(ウィル・スミス)'s performance was astounding. The audience will feel his pain and be moved by what his character is doing. This movie will not be for everyone. It moves slowly and may be confusing until you figure it out. Then the reality of his purpose will crush you emotionally and at the same time it is so beautiful. I hope you understand this sweet pain.

For farther information, please visit the website.


Screening @Slow Cafe in Yokohama-Motomachi スローカフェ@横浜元町 10月19日(火)-22日(金)上映会

They are holding a screening on October 19th-22nd at Slow Cafe in Yokohama Motomachi. If you would like to enjoy some delicious food and heart-warming films, you should come. For farther information, please visit the website. They are screening Albatros' "Then She Found Me", "Cassandra's Dream ", "The Lives of Others" and "Komaneko".
横浜元町のSlow Cafeにて、10月19日(火)~22日(金)、美味しい料理と心温まる映画でプチ贅沢を楽しめる上映会が開催される模様です。詳細はサイトをご覧ください。作品はアルバトロスの「いとしい人」、「ウディ・アレンの夢と犯罪」、「善き人のためのソナタ」、「こま撮りえいがこまねこ」です。


Vicky Cristina Barcelona それでも恋するバルセロナ

Such a brilliant and thought provoking story in the way only Woody Allen(ウディ・アレン)could do. Both the acting and writing were great. I felt Woody is expressing through his characters his urge to be free of all psychological and emotional restrictions. The complex romantic relationships among its four primary characters are what the movie's mostly about and I won't spoil it by going into them. Just Penélope Cruz(ペネロペ・クルス)was vibrate and funny.

For farther information, please visit the website.