Men's success depends on women. Women's happiness depends on men.(男の出世、女次第。女の幸せ、男次第。) ---- Anonymous


I can carry you? 抱っこしてあげる?

1) Say cheese!
2)The situation is taking a dark turn.
3) It's getting worse.
4) Oh, here comes a lifeline.
5) Guess who? だ~れだ?
6) It's me! あたし!


Family Mart Sakura-Shinmachi Ekimae Store Half Price Sale for 2 Months 桜新町駅前ファミマ 2カ月連続 半額セール

Happy 20th anniversary, Family Mart Sakura-shinmachi Ekimae Store! Congratulations and thanks a lot for your "Half Price Sale for 2 Months" flyer. Hoping that you will thrive all the more!
桜新町駅前ファミリーマート20周年おめでとうございます&ありがとうございます。2カ月連続 全品半額セールのチラシいただきました。今後ともご盛況をお祈り申し上げます。


Mangue Negro デス・マングローヴ ゾンビ沼

Another quite enjoyable Brazilian zombie movie. Their zombie characterization is disgusting in a good way, and the blood scenes are very well planned and the story is well paced once the first zombie appears. In a polluted mangrove swamp, the locals recall the time when they could fish and catch mud crabs to sell and feed their families and themselves in their isolated community, yet the swamp is now dead and they can hardly find a fish or a crab in the dirty water. During a night, dead bodies raise from the swamp, attacking and biting the dwellers that transform into aggressive zombies...

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Sakura Festival @Sakura-Shinmachi さくらまつり@桜新町

Cherry Blossom Festival is taking place in Sakura-Shinmachi(Setagaya-ward), where the author of "Sazae-san" used to live, on April 21st (Sun). The stage of Kiyoko Suizenji, who lives in this town, has also been scheduled as usual. For farther information, please visit the website. 

Here is the bronze statue of Sazae san. サザエさん銅像はこちら。


Humans versus Zombies エリア・オブ・ザ・デッド

It is fast paced yet the beginning is a little slow, high on adrenaline, and its intro sequence with the CGI effects is quite good, and such a non-Hollywood ending is so likable. Dark comedy and horror unite in this satirical thriller based on a role-playing game of the same name. Students on summer vacation are exposed to a deadly virus that is spread rapidly through direct human contact, and one by one, more students fall victim to the plague, triggering an epidemic that spawns a horde of ravenous zombies. The zombie horde grows and spreads quickly.

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Zombie Apocalypse: Redemption ゾンビ・アポカリプス

It has several engaging characters and a fairly good script for a zombie film. Months after a zombie plague has wiped out 90 percent of the American population, a small group of survivors fight their way cross-country to a rumored refuge on the island of Catalina. There are some satisfying conversations as they make their way to Catalina Island, where they are sure things are better. They discuss the various ways to kill zombies, strategies for avoiding them, which is audible, and some typical post-apocalyptic scenes keep us engaged.

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