The Devil Wears Prada プラダを着た悪魔

Meryl Streep(メリル・ストリープ)is absolutely amazing as Miranda Priestly. As Miranda, she never raised her voice above normal speaking level. I heard that she said she based this mannerism on Clint Eastwood, who as Dirty Harry talks very quietly but still intimidates. This made Miranda much more interesting and charming than the stereotypical screaming hysterical woman she could have become. Anne Hathaway(アン・ハサウェイ)was very appealing in her role. She made Andrea more likable and less snobbish, and she looked great in the fashionable clothes she wore through most of the movie.

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The Notebook  きみに読む物語

This movie makes you feel as if you are one of the characters there watching it, which makes the impact of the story more real. Boy meets girl at a carnival, love from the other side of the tracks, a date by the water, etc. And the wonderful thing about this film is that it takes what seems like a story you have already heard and still moves you deeply. It really speaks about love in a way that most romantic movies miss by speaking in cliché or over shoot by adding in numerous complications to dramatize things. It fills a need that those other movies miss, the need for a straight, sweep you off your feet romance.

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