Little Women 若草物語

I think it's hard to turn a book into a movie, but this balances and keeps the essence of the book and creates a wonderful movie that works on every single level. Fabulous acting by an ensemble cast completes this film. Winona Ryder(ウィノナ・ライダー)makes the best screen Jo ever. In my opinion, she suites the character better than Katharine Hepburn(キャサリン・ヘップバーン)or June Allyson (ジューン・アリソン). Susan Sarandon(スーザン・サランドン), Christian Bale (クリスチャン・ベール), Claire Danes(クレア・デインズ), Kirsten Dunst(キルスティン・ダンスト).....etc, all of them are incredible, and fit perfectly. This is a beautiful film. It's inviting, but not overly sweet, and though nothing too exciting happens, still very fulfilling and entertaining.

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