Christmas Party @AEON Shibuya-Hachiko-Guchi school クリスマスパーティ@イーオン渋谷ハチ公口校

AEON Shibuya-Hachikoguchi school had Christmas & Welcome & Farewell party at an Izakaya called Teshigoto today. We enjoyed their wonderful food, drink, and chit-chat. We also exchanged the presents, and I got these delicious cookies. Thank you so much for the wonderful gift.

While you were sleeping あなたが寝てる間に

Sandra Bullock(サンドラ・ブロック)charms us as usual playing a lonely, but perky and upbeat woman who gets a chance to enjoy real love and what it truly means to be part of a family in this critical romantic comedy. There is not one hint of sexuality or lust in this as the love blossoms between Jack (Bill Pullman) and Lucy (Sandra Bullock) is honest, pure and all together endearing. An amiable light-hearted script, a reliable cast made of recognizable actors with top-notch chemistry between them, and a feel-good soundtrack make this film one of the best.

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