Oscar Wilde

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.(自分自身であれ。他の人は、もうみんな埋まっているから。) ---- Oscar Wilde


Workplace Tour 職場見学会

I went to Sony Head Office, which is famous for its highly earthquake-resistant building, being taken by my husband for his workplace tour today (Labor Thanksgiving Day), and I had to wish earthquakes happen when he is at his office working not when he is at home.
Good wives, please don't attempt this.
Good boys, Let's play lots of games on PlayStation. (=Let's buy a lot)


Nowhere Boy ひとりぼっちのあいつ

It depicts the adolescent John Lennon(ジョン・レノン)entertainingly and touchingly. How he confronts the inevitable revelation of his past and how he constructs some sort of future were described and directed so subtly yet believably by the director, Sam Taylor-Wood(サム・テイラー=ウッド)and the actor, Aaron Johnson(アーロン・ジョンソン). The central narrative concerns the relationships that John has with his aunt Mimi, played by Kristin Scott Thomas(クリスティン・スコット・トーマス)and rediscovered mother Julia, played by Anne-Marie Duff(アンヌ=マリー・ダフ), all of whose chemistries are beautiful.

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Twilight トワイライト

I don't think we should spend our time comparing these to the original books. I feel the films stay the closest to the books as much as they could yet they made a few changes to please some of the moviegoers, and I liked how they interpreted the books considering that these are teen movies and should have a little cheesiness at times. The choice of actors was simply a great job. Especially the vampires are all fit into their roles perfectly with their good looks and pale skins. They look sometimes very cold, and sometimes very warm letting me enjoy the vampire premise – they never get old. Also, Kristen Stewart(クリステン・スチュワート)was perfect as Bella Swan.

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http://www.allcinema.net/prog/show_c.php?num_c=332281 http://www.allcinema.net/prog/show_c.php?num_c=334197


Let The Right One In ぼくのエリ 200歳の少女

This movie is not just a vampire film but so much more. Very artistic, poetic, and deep depicting the nature of good and evil especially through the world of children where good and evil can coexist side by side yet their purity somehow discerns good and evil occasionally. Also, it shows us how friendship can help us find our own personal strength superbly by the two lonely children (one is a vampire) who meet and change each other's lives.

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Hearafter ヒア アフター

"Hearafter" delves into not only our lives after death but the lives themselves. Clint Eastwood(クリント・イーストウッド)superbly gave us a look into the peace and mystery that await us, plus the joy and beauty of what is in front of us. It's not a paranormal probe of ghosts, goblins, or spirits at all. The acting is great as well. Cecile De France(セシル・ドゥ・フランス)is stunning as a television reporter who touches her own death and returns. Frankie / George McLaren(フランキー/ジョージ・マクラレン)is good as a twin boy who lost his brother. And Matt Damon(マット・デイモン)'s restrained performance as a lonely man who is able to capture something from beyond this life is a revelation.

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Micmacs ミックマック

There are lots of revenge movies with guns out there, but this film is different. Guns are one of its themes yet they are used to describe the story of the lead, Bazil, who is out of work with nowhere to live, finds comfort with a group of charming vagabonds all of whom eventually become his allies in his battle against the arm dealers that killed Bazil's father with their landmine and also shot Bazil with their bullet. Aside from a series of witty and purposeful acts, the movie is also amazing in its beauty with every scene presenting an fascinating array of colors and wonderful creations. Enjoyed the correlation between the real world and animated fantasy-land with the epic, and appreciated Julie Ferrier(ジュリー・フェリエ)'s acrobatic performs.

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Killers キス&キル

The current king and queen of romantic comedies, Ashton Kutcher(アシュトン・カッチャー)and Katherine Heigl(キャサリン・ハイグル)had a good chemistry and did great jobs selling the story and making the characters believable and bringing some laughs and clichés. The film includes dead bodies, shooting, martial arts, explosions, wild chase scenes with the secret agents stories, and so on. If you like action-packed comedies with lots of fun surprises, it will be enjoyable.

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