The Fabulous Baker Boys 恋のゆくえ

Jeff Bridges(ジェフ・ブリッジズ) and Beau Bridges(ボー・ブリッジス)- brothers in real life - are united to play brothers on the screen. It's not the first time real-life brothers have played fictitious brothers in a film. But this film really benefits from the pairing. It must be because Jeff(ジェフ・ブリッジズ) and Beau(ボー・ブリッジス) aren't really acting but they are simply using their real-life love & hate brotherly attitudes to fuel their performances in front of the cameras. Michelle Pfeiffer(ミシェル・ファイファー,) also gives an outstanding performance. She even sang most of her own songs. I didn't know she was such a good singer.

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