Galileo Galilei

I have never met a man so ignorant that I couldn't learn something from him.(何も学ぶべきところのない人に、会ったことはない。) ---- Galileo Galilei


Now You See Me グランド・イリュージョン

The story follows four Vegas magicians (the Four Horsemen), who rob a bank in the middle of one of their shows, and what follows is a cat-and-mouse thriller where the FBI chases after these magicians trying to figure out how they did it yet being always one step behind. It has a stellar cast. Morgan Freeman(モーガン・フリーマン)and Woody Harrelson(ウディ・ハレルソン)stole the show while Dave Franco(デイヴ・フランコ) did a bang up job with some incredible physical acting and stunts. You would enjoy some delightful and cunning tactics especially those scenes dominated by Jesse Eisenberg(ジェシー・アイゼンバーグ)or Woody Harrelson.

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Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters パーシー・ジャクソンとオリンポスの神々: 魔の海

Based on the novels by Rick Riordan(リック・リオーダン), and being the sequel to "The Lightning Thief パーシー・ジャクソンとオリンポスの神々" in 2010, "Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters" still puts a spin on Greek mythology by blending it with modern society, which is quite interesting. The movie is quite action-packed and pits our hero against a variety of Greek monsters. The effects and creatures are slightly fake and unreal looking but it adds to the charm.

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Third Year Memorial of the Great East Japan Earthquake (silent prayer) 東日本大震災三周年追悼式 (黙とう)

Japan marks the third anniversary of the devastating 2011 earthquake and tsunami, and ceremonies were held in various regions today. May March 11th next year be a day when people in the disaster zone can feel their communities are on the mend and their lives have improved greatly.


The Frozen Ground フローズン・グラウンド

Based on actual events, it follows a national guard officer, Nicolas Cage(ニコラス・ケイジ), who is on the trail of trying to catch a psychopath, John Cusack(ジョン・キューザック) whose rotten depths are greatly shown in this very gruesome realistic, deeply disturbing film. Then, there is a young lady, Vanessa Hudgens(ヴァネッサ・アン・ハジェンズ), who involved in wild world of pimps, drugs and alcohol. The plot is very straight and often blood-chilling, and its twists can be really mesmerizing. The spellbinding Alaskan nature's vastness and beauty are a real must see here.

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Viva! Saloneze 2014

In celebration of its third year anniversary, Saloneze Caffe is holding a commemoration event on March 8th (Sat) to support women's bright and happy lives. For farther information, please visit the website. Their guests are.....
・Ms. Ikuko Asoh-Rhodes (Saloneze Caffe Producer)
・Ms. Mariko Bando (Showa Women's University President)
・Ms. Minako Imada (Salon de th Muse)
・Ms. Nahoko Negishi ("Keiko to Manabu" Chief Editor)