Oscar Wilde

When I was young, I thought that money was the most important thing in life. Now that I am old, I know it is.(若いころ、人生においてお金が一番大切だと思っていた。年を取った今、それが正しいと理解できる。)----Oscar Wilde


Soeur Sourire シスタースマイル ドミニクの歌

The popularity of the "Singing Nun" was a phenomenon, and due to her internationally famous song "Dominique(ドミニク)", Jeannine Deckers(ジャニーヌ・デッケルス)by Cécile De France(セシル・ドゥ・フランス)became an overnight sensation. She is so passionate for this world that she has to destroy everyone around her searching for her own passion. Being loved and adored till death by Annie(アニー)by Sandrine Blancke(サンドリーヌ・ブランク), her gay friend, gave the movie another, more touching scenes as well.
This film's peaceful message put me back on the right track "peace and love is the most important thing in the world". This movie might change your political thoughts completely.

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The Private Lives of Pippa Lee 50歳の恋愛白書

It is written and directed by a woman, Rebecca Miller(レベッカ・ミラー), and starred by a woman, Robin Wright Penn(ロビン・ライト・ペン), and most of the support roles such as Julianne Moore(ジュリアン・ムーア), Winona Ryder(ウィノナ・ライダー) are also women, but the themes of self-discovery and self-expression are universal. Also the male roles such as Alan Arkin(アラン・アーキン)and Keanu Reeves(キアヌ・リーヴス)did an excellent job as well. Robin Wright Penn steals the show in Pippa Lee(ピッパ・リー). She performs naturally and makes her character imaginable. Pippa Lee might have lived lots of lives except her own.

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New York, I Love You ニューヨークアイラブユー

"New York, I Love You" is a collective work of eleven short films. The shorts don't exactly relate but they all have something in common, love. Every short is about finding love, either if it's about a couple or just two strangers. The film stars an gorgeous cast, Shia LaBeouf(シャイア・ラブーフ), Natalie Portman(ナタリー・ポートマン), Hayden Christensen(ヘイデン・クリステンセン), Orlando Bloom(オーランド・ブルーム), Chris Cooper(クリス・クーパー), Andy Garcia(アンディ・ガルシア), Christina Ricci(クリスティナ・リッチ), Irrfan Khan(イルファン・カーン), Robin Wright Penn(ロビン・ライト・ペン), Julie Christie(ジュリー・クリスティ), Ethan Hawke(イーサン・ホーク), Bradley Cooper(ブラッドリー・クーパー), Rachel Bilson(レイチェル・ビルソン), Anton Yelchin(アントン・イェルチン), and so on. With this stellar cast and an interesting premise, you can expect a enjoyable, original and interesting film. The film is definitely uneven and has a very experimental tone.

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Cherry Blossom Festival Sakura-Shinmachi さくら祭り@世田谷区桜新町

I hope the pretty cherry blossoms will heal all of you. Kiyoko Suizenji, who lives in this town, sang some songs for us as a kind of charity event for the earthquake, and put some smiles on our faces. Thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity. For farther information, please visit the website.


P.S. I Love You P.S.アイラヴユー

It is a therapeutic relationship movie. You'll see the missing, lacking or the incomplete part of your unity, so it’s good for any couples who used to be in love before to find out why love is eternal. People change in time, relationships change in time, but love doesn't. Figure out why love is the only power that connects people watching it. The main actors, Hilary Swank(ヒラリー・スワンク)and Gerard Butler(ジェラルド・バトラー)accomplished wholeheartedly acting jobs. Kathy Bates(キャシー・ベイツ)was also amazing.

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