Leo Tolstoy

I think... if it is true that there are as many minds as there are heads, then there are as many kinds of love as there are hearts.(十人十色というからには、心の数だけ恋の種類があってもいいんじゃないかしら。) ---- Leo Tolstoy


The Lone Ranger ローン・レンジャー

Being told from Tonto's point of view based on his recollections of what transpired, the film presents a new take on the classic characters, the Lone Ranger and Tonto. It stars Armie Hammer(アーミー・ハマー)as the Lone Ranger and Johnny Depp(ジョ二ー・デップ)as Tonto, both of whom have great chemistry that really shows, and Helena Bonham Carter(ヘレナ・ボナム=カーター)is also superb as always. It rides strong for several reasons including direction, cinematography, casting, screenplay, special effects, pacing, acting, and story, and I would say you might not mind watching a sequel or two.

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Elysium エリジウム

Being quite sarcastic and funny at times, Matt Damon(マット・デイモン)is decent as the film's protagonist Max, who is an ex-con currently working on assembling the droids which keep order on the overpopulated Earth. Alice Braga(アリシー・ブラガ) plays Max's childhood friend, Frey, Max meets up with again when they become adults. Jodie Foster(ジョディ・フォスター)plays Elysium's defense minister Delacourt and Sharlto Copley(シャールト・コプリー)plays an undercover agent named Kruger who is positioned on Earth. The film has nice action with gorgeous visuals, and moves along at a good pace. It's watchable and quite entertaining if you're in the proper mood for it.

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Setsubun-Sai (Festival) 節分祭

Setsubun-Sai (Festival) is taking place at Hisatomi Inari Shrine, where an animated film "Gin-Gitsune" was set, today. For farther information, please click the image or the website. Let's throw beans while shouting "Fortune in and demons out." to drive out demons (bad luck) for this year. Wishing all of you the best for 2014.