Where is Winky's Horse? はじめて馬に乗った日

"Where is Winky's Horse?" was released on DVD with my translation in Japan today. This film was written by a prestigious screen writer, Tamara Bos, and directed by Mischa Kamp, and got lots of awards all over the world such as "Golden Calf" at Nether lands Film Festival, and "Semi Grand Prix" at Chicago International Children's Film Festival, and "Kids Audience Award" at Munich Film Festival. Done with the perfect collaboration of Warner Bros and BosBros, the sequel to "Winky's Horse", is a must-see. I sincerely hope you will enjoy it.

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Charles Ryder(Matthew Goode / マシュー・グード)goes to Oxford to study painting, and befriends a rich lad Sebastian Flyte(Ben Whishaw / ベン・ウィショー), who takes Charles to his palatial mansion - Brideshead(ブライヅヘッド). There, Charles meets orthodox religious family of Sebastian - his sister Julia(Hayley Atwell / ヘイリー・アトウェル)and his mother Lady Marchmain(Emma Thompson / エマ・トンプソン). Events unfold where Charles and Julia start loving each other – but face the passionate jealousy of Sebastian. The story is well-known through not only the novel by Evelyn Waugh(イーヴリン・ウォー), but also by the very popular miniseries for television years back.

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日蘭交流400周年記念 なかよし佐倉とオランダ

"Winky's Horse", which I translated, is being screened at Dutch screening event on December 6th. This film is definitely a masterpiece which got Golden Calf as the best scenario, Movie Squad Junior Award at Nether lands Film Festival, and Jury Award at Chicago International Children's Film Festival. It is distributed by Warner Bros in the Nether lands. I sincerely hope you will enjoy it. For farther information, please visit the website.


The River Of No Return 帰らざる河

This film spotlights one of Marilyn Monroe(マリリン・モンロー)'s best early performances. It shows us once more that she was more than just another sex symbol and that there was real talent behind her beautiful figure. The cinematography is breathtaking except for the obvious rear projection used in the treacherous raft scenes depicting Robert Mitchum(ロバート・ミッチャム) and Monroe(マリリン・モンロー). The beauty of Alberta, Canada's Jasper National Park is definitely an asset. "The River Of No Return" must be symbolic of something. The metaphor is not easy to reconcile with the story. See what you can do with it.

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