Two drag queens, Guy Pearce(ガイ・ピアース)as Felicia, and Hugo Weaving(ヒューゴ・ウィーヴィング)as Mitzi, and a transsexual, Terence Stamp(テレンス・スタンプ)as Bernadette make a trip to Alice Springs in a pink bus called Priscilla. It has some laughter and tears. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to take a look at a realistic gay life in the 80's. It's amazing how narrow minded people can be, but these people also show us the true meaning of life, love, friendship, loyalty, and so on. Using humor and controversial issues, the film maker broke through the barrier of bias, and got to the core of these three fabulous people.

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Cherry Blossom Festival Sakura-Shinmachi さくら祭り@世田谷区桜新町

There is Sakura Festival on April 12th (Sun) in Sakura Shinmachi (4 stations from Shibuya). We can enjoy Ms. Kiyoko Suizenji's stage as usual. For farther information, please visit the website. If you see us there on the very day of the festival, please say hello to us.

Stardust スターダスト

It is a fairy tale written by an author famed in comic bookdom. Acting is good. It's always hard to say more than that for fantasy films but I believe there were significant superbly acted roles. Michelle Pfeiffer(ミシェル・ファイファー)plays a villain, and she does the job. Nothing special though she was very beautiful and an eye candy. Rupert Everett(ルパート・エヴェレット)is a great villain. Peter O'Toole(ピーター・オトゥール)is marvelous. Ricky Gervais(リッキー・ジャーヴェイス)is perfect. Robert De Niro(ロバート・デ・ニーロ)seemed to be having too much fun for the most part. And Charlie Cox(チャーリー・コックス)as the lead character was a fine surprise. I've always been of mixed opinion with Claire Danes(クレア・デインズ). She can be great, and then she can seem to miss the mark. In this film, she's the former. And she is literally the star of this film. The writing is fantastical and real though it's hard in today's climate to do anything original. At first, you begin to wonder. A kingdom, a dying King, a boy out to prove his own worth, witches, ghosts, a quest. It's nothing new, but in the end, you'll find this story is what all fairy tales should be but all too often are not.

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A gold medalist, Mr. Kosuke Kitajima's croquette shop 金メダリスト北島選手のコロッケ屋さん

Thank you so much for the lucky and delicious food. I hope that this will lead us to gold medal lives, and that all of you who are looking at Kitajima's cutlets' pictures will also live gold medal lives.