Lewis Carroll

If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there.(もしも行き先が分からなければ、どの道を行ってもそこへたどりつく。) ---- Lewis Carroll


Tanabata Decorations (Kinuta Park) 七夕飾り(砧公園)

"Let's make Tanabata Decorations" is taking place at Kinuta Park this weekend (June 30th, July 1st 10:00am-3:00pm). The program introduces various forms of hands-on activities for the participants such as making paper ornaments, writing wishes on narrow strips of paper and hanging them on bamboo trees. It might be clever to pray your wishes will come true while enjoying their wonderful Hydrangea flowers gracefully . For farther information, please visit their website.
今週末、「七夕飾りを作ってみよう」が砧公園で開催されます。(6月30日、7月1日 10:00-15:00)参加者の皆さまには、ご一緒に短冊に願い事を書いて笹に結んだり、おりがみなどで飾り付けをしていただきます。美しいアジサイを拝みつつ、願い事が叶うよう優雅にお祈りされてみるのも乙かもしれませんね。詳細はサイトをご覧くださいませ。


The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo ドラゴン・タトゥーの女

The 2009 Swedish film was solid yet the two sequels had their own battles such as lower budget, switching directors, and failed to capture the tenacity the original film offered. David Fincher(デヴィッド・フィンチャー)has put his trademark darkness to fantastic use with this film. The performances are perfect all round, and its clear that Fincher and the casting production succeeded in picking not only great actors but those who embody the very essence of their characters. Though it's not vastly different in comparison to its Swedish counterpart, Fincher has improved upon what was already a fantastic piece of cinema superbly.

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"1911" is an epic Chinese historical drama that Jackie Chan(ジャッキー・チェン)'s labor of love and wallet as he spent 30 million American dollars of his own money to fund this movie pays off. It convinces us with great special effects in the battle scenes, authentic locations, sounding costumes, lots of intellectual words and impressive images and internationally recognized actors such as the very unusual and surprisingly convincing Jackie Chan(ジャッキー・チェン), the diversified Joan Chan(ジョアン・チェン), or the charming Bingbing Li(リー・ビンビン). This movies teaches us a lot about Chinese culture and history and captures the essential of a complex story in a short and intense running time.

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The Dead ゾンビ大陸 アフリカン

I would recommend this film to anyone with a taste for horror as well as sentiment and a nice story on its own as one of these rare occasions when a B-Grade budgeted film pulls of something amazing. Set in Africa with old school and slow walking zombies, it is not a regular zombie film, but well filmed, awesomely cast, contains enough horror to satisfy and captivating. It stays true to the classic zombie flick but gives you a bit of a new perspective. Hope to see more and more of Howard & Jon Ford brothers' (ハワード&ジョンのフォード兄弟)films on higher budget as they deserve them after this one.

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