A nice coming-of-age film. Fantasy and grave-digging might appeal to lots of children's sense of adventure. It has secret messages, a code ring, and a mystery..... All of them are great fun. There were a lot of scenes where you could initiate a discussion with your kids. About dying, how to treat other people, the true meaning of friendship, and so on. The lead character Owen is a likable kid, and his friend Mr. Rice, played by David Bowie(デヴィッド・ボウイ) is cool. The ending was not a surprise, but expected--maybe not by a kid, a really good movie for parents and kids to watch together. A must see for when you want to ponder things like the meaning of life.

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Some Kind of Wonderful 恋しくて

I's refreshing to have a movie about teens in love that doesn't rely on sex to gain the audience's interest. It's a classic story, but told from a timeless perspective. Mary Stuart Masterson(メアリー・スチュアート・マスターソン)is, as always, superb in her performance. While this is one of her early films, it shows her enormous ability and potential. Eric Stoltz(エリック・ストルツ)and Lea Thompson(リー・トンプソン)give excellent performances as well with good acting, and both are able to highlight dialogue with subtle nuances. There are a lot of teen movies, but this is a story that never grows old and is a pleasure to watch again. An excellent film.

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