Dalai Lama

Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.(幸せは、そこにあるものではない。自ら獲得するものである。) ---- Dalai Lama


Exit Humanity 夜明けのゾンビ

A zombie movie set in a Western setting during and in the aftermath of the American Civil War. The story is about an outbreak of undead starting in 1865 as the Civil War is at its last chapter. The zombies are great. Not just the makeup, which was great, but the acting and serious tone of the movie help it excel. The rustic technology setting creates nice isolation, which helps increase the tension. The music was wonderful and the acting and narration were well done. The animation added an art-house feel yet not overused. Not a typical horror film, but a serious drama about humanity.

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Dark Flight ゴーストフライト407便

"Dark Flight" is being screened with my translation at Cinemart Shinjuku Theatre in Tokyo from today (February 23rd). A poor cabin attendant was bedeviled by the haunted airplane you can never escape from once it takes off. Grossing two million dollars in Thai while earning half a million dollars in two weeks in Taiwan, this horrifying flight has already been in Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, and finally set for Japan as well. It is also being screened at Cannes International Film Festival in 3D. Let's feel a thrill with this frightening horror from Thailand.
本日、2月23日(土)より、字幕翻訳いたしました「ゴーストフライト407便」がシネマート新宿にて上映されます。離陸したら最後、逃げられないゴースト飛行機に魅入られてしまった不運なキャビンアテンダント。 タイのBO200万ドル突破。台湾BO、2週で50万ドル突破。マレーシア、ブルネイ、そしてインドネシアと快進撃を続ける恐怖飛行が、 カンヌ国際映画祭で3D上映も決定し、日本に向けての飛行計画を開始。タイからのゾッとするホラー映画でゾクゾクしましょう。

Here is the screening info. 上映情報はこちら。 http://www.cinemart.co.jp/theater/shinjuku/lineup/20121225_10362.html

For For farther information, please visit the websites.詳細はこちらをご覧ください。
http://www.allcinema.net/prog/show_c.php?num_c=344712 http://www.ayapro.co.jp/products/detail.php?product_id=1


The Squad スクワッド 荒野に棲む悪夢

Highly polished,well produced dark thriller filmed with such care and attention. No hammy acting or poor scripting dialogue and the actors delivered their lines and emotions the writer and director were aiming for. Also, the locations were suitably spooky and dark. It successfully portrays a story of the breakdown of a regimented society in a short space of time with the relatively smallish budget. Coming from Colombia, a non-prolific film industry as far as I know at least.

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Zombie108 Z108地区 ゾンビ包囲網

"Z108" is being released on DVD with my translation tomorrow. The director himself managed cash flow using the Internet while creating such an eye-catching trailer to make it newsy, then succeeded in getting enough money to shoot this feature film. "Z" comes from zombie, and "108" is the postal code of Nishimonchi, Taipei, where the movie was set. Let's feel a thrill with this frightening horror, ero-guro (erotic and grotesque), zombie film from Taiwan. Speaking of Taiwan, they donated more money to earthquake-stricken Japan (2011.03.11) than any other country in the world. Thank you so much.
字幕翻訳いたしました「Z108地区 ゾンビ包囲網」が明日、DVDリリースされます。監督自らインターネットを通じて、映画への出資者を募り、同時にインパクトのある予告編で話題も提供し、映画を撮るのに十分な資金を集めて完成した作品。タイトル「Z108」のZはZombieのイニシャル。108は、舞台となった台北・西門町を指す郵便番号。台湾からのゾッとするホラーエログゾンビ映画で、ゾクゾクしましょう。台湾と言えば、東日本大震災の際、日本への義捐金が世界第一位だったお国です。ありがとうございます。

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Setsubun-kai Ensenji Temple 節分会 円泉寺

Setsubun-kai event is taking place at Ensenji temple (Setagaya-ku) today (from 1:00pm). For farther information, please visit their website. You can enjoy their last year's pictures as well. Let's throw beans while shouting "Fortune in and demons out." to drive out demons (bad luck).