Mahatma Gandhi

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.(明日死んでしまうかのように生きろ。永遠に生きるかのように学べ。) ---- Mahatma Gandhi


Zombie 108 Z108地区 ゾンビ包囲網

"Z108" is being screened with my translation at Human Trust Cinema Shibuya Theatre in Tokyo on September 29th (Saturday). The director himself managed cash flow using the Internet while creating such an eye-catching trailer to make it newsy, then succeeded in getting enough money to shoot this feature film. "Z" comes from zombie, and "108" is the postal code of  Nishimonchi, Taipei, where the movie was set. Let's beat the late-summer heat with this frightening horror, ero-guro (erotic and grotesque), zombie film from Taiwan. Speaking of Taiwan, they donated more money to earthquake-stricken Japan (2011.03.11) than any other country in the world. Thank you so much.
字幕翻訳いたしました「Z108地区 ゾンビ包囲網」が9月29日(土)ヒューマントラストシネマ渋谷で上映されます。監督自らインターネットを通じて、映画への出資者を募り、同時にインパクトのある予告編で話題も提供し、映画を撮るのに十分な資金を集めて完成した作品。タイトル「Z108」のZはZombieのイニシャル。108は、舞台となった台北・西門町を指す郵便番号。台湾からのゾッとするホラーエログゾンビ映画で、残暑を乗り切りましょう。台湾と言えば、東日本大震災の際、日本への義捐金が世界第一位だったお国です。ありがとうございます。

Here is the screening info. 上映情報はこちら。

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Carnage おとなのけんか

The basic premise of the movie is the interactions of two sets of parents who get together for the purpose of an altercation between their children. Jodie Foster(ジョディ・フォスター) and John C. Reilly(ジョン・C・ライリー) are the parents of the injured child, and Kate Winslet(ケイト・ウィンスレット) and Christopher Waltz(クリストフ・ヴァルツ) are the parents of the boy that hit the other boy. Then, gradually the breakdown of civility between the two parties ensues. The casting was great, dialogue was sharp, I would say it is an excellent dark comedy which requires multiple viewing to understand the characteristics and greatness in the performances of the actors.

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Blood Pigs ブラッド 血肉のいけにえ

An apocalyptic zombie with the best gore. Extremely bloody, graphic and inventive. It takes a little while for the blood to start flowing but the last half is almost non-stop gore. The acting and plot were fine for this genre. The zombies were cool looking and the blood pig creatures themselves are very ambitious and gruesome. The bleak grotesque finale gives you a feeling that the blood pigs are everywhere and that humanity is doomed. If you like pure gruesome inventive gore, this is for you.

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The Gnomes of Knot-Hole Manor 木のあなにすむノーム

"The Gnomes of Knot-Hole Manor" was released with my translation in Japan. I hope you, including Japanese and English learners, will also enjoy it till the end as it is such an adorable, heart-warming bilingual book. (with Romaji pronunciation for Japanese learners) Here is the author, Adele Marie Crouch's message for her prospective readers in the future.
"The children of the world are our future. This book was designed as a teaching tool. Within the pages you will find words that sound the same with different meanings such as 'cot' and 'caught'. You will also find words with silent letters such as 'knot' and 'know'. I have used as many such words as would fit nicely into the story. I would like to express my gratitude to every parent who enhances their child's life with the world of stories."
Here is the author's blog.
You can also enjoy her other bilingual book series. Thank you so much for such an adorable gem, Adele!



Konnoh Hachimangu Shrine Festival (Shibuya) 金王八幡宮例大祭(渋谷)

Konnoh Hachimanguu Shrine Festival is taking place along Dogenzaka Street in Shibuya this weekend (September 15~16th). Let's forget the late-summer heat enjoying their energetic events and Mikoshi parade. For farther information, please visit the website.


(Open House) Komazawa Water Tower (見学会) 駒沢給水塔

Komazawa water tower, one of Setagaya landmarks, is being opened to public on October 1st starting to accept applications this weekend (September 15th). For farther information, please click the websites. Let's be thankful for water and hope the dams in Kanto will get enough blessed rain water soon.



Hellraiser: Revelations ヘルレイザー: レベレーション

If you are a fan of the Hellraiser, a popular horror franchise, this chapter might not be satisfying. It is said to have been made on a very strict budget, filmed in a very short time, rushed into and out of production in order to save the studio. Because of the hastiness of the production, long time star Doug Bradley(ダグ・ブラッドレイ) decided not to return as "Pinhead", which might have caused the film to be a little weak and disappointing of the series. Yet it's still interesting to a certain extent offering at least something to satisfy fans' bizarre fascination. Stephan Smith Collins(スティーヴン・スミス・コリンズ) steps into the notorious role of "Pinhead".

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Welcome & Farewell Party @AEON Shibuya School ウェルカム&フェアウェルパーティ@イーオン渋谷校

AEON Shibuya school had Welcome & Farewell party at Shibuya TGI Fridays today, and we had a great time. Thank you so much for a wonderful night. Kathryn sensei, the life of the party, gave each one of us, her co-workers, a sweet gift, which I will put here. Thank you so much for your consideration.


Nebuta Festival ねぶた祭り

They are holding Nebuta Festival on Sazae-san Street in Sakura-Shinmachi (4 stations from Shibuya) this weekend (September 8th). For farther information, please click the URL. Let's beat the late-summer heat with the exhilarating Sazae-san Nebuta. If you see us there on the very day of the festival, please say hello to us.


My Week with Marilyn マリリン 7日間の恋

A well acted film boosted by the great performances especially from the lead actors, Michele Williams(ミシェル・ウィリアムズ), who does an excellent job in portraying Marilyn Monroe(マリリン・モンロー)and Kenneth Branagh(ケネス・ブラナー), who portrays Laurence Olivier. We can also enjoy a good story based on a memoir written by Colin Clark, who works for Laurence's production company and becomes fascinated by the beauty of Marilyn while getting to know her life behind the movie sets, and a decent job by the director, Simon Curtis(サイモン・カーティス) to show the real Marilyn Monroe's life very well.

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