Tennessee Williams

You can be young without money, but you can't be old without it.(若いときに金がないのはいい。だが、金がないまま歳をとることはできない。)---- Tennessee Williams


Dark Flight ゴーストフライト407便

"Dark Flight" was released on DVD with my translation today. A poor cabin attendant was bedeviled by the haunted airplane you can never escape from once it takes off. Grossing two million dollars in Thai while earning half a million dollars in two weeks in Taiwan, this horrifying flight has already been in Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, and finally set for Japan as well. It is also being screened at Cannes International Film Festival in 3D. Let's feel a thrill with this frightening horror from Thailand.

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Les Miserables レ・ミゼラブル

I would say both fans of the novel as well as fans of the musical can fall in love with this movie. Being completely faithful to the book, it is a perfect chance for those who haven't enjoyed the book or the Broadway show yet. As for singing, everybody was great. Russell Crowe(ラッセル・クロウ) was excellent in "Stars" and "Javert's Soliloquy". Hugh Jackman(ヒュー・ジャックマン) wowed during "Who am I?" and "Bring Him Home". Anne Hathaway(アン・ハサウェイ) gave the best vocal performance followed by Samantha Barks(サマンサ・バークス). Thanks to their fantastic performance from the whole ensemble as well, it surely is another magnificent adaptation and worth watching at least once.

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The Milky Way Illumination @ Tokyo Tower 天の川イルミネーション @ 東京タワー

"The Milky Way Illumination" at Tokyo Tower is being illuminated from June 1st (Sat) - July 7th (Sun). About 28,000 LED bulbs are being lit up in the corner of the 150-meter-high Main Observatory, it's called the closest observatory to the Milky Way. Let's have a wonderful time under the brilliant starry sky watching the fabulous night view. For farther information, please visit their website.


Memorial Valley Massacre 地獄のいけにえ 獣人ヒューマニア

It has some standard 80's staples: punk kids, topless girls, a campground, metal music, etc. The softened death scenes might cause you wonder if it was trying to be a horror film or a comedy or maybe end up being a bland mix of both just like the caveman, who is threatening yet funny.

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Call Northside 777 出獄

"Call Northside 777" was released on DVD with my translation today. It is a semi-documentary based on a note written by a Chicago Times reporter, James P. McGuire. Directed by Henry Hathaway, who is also known for his "Kiss of Death", "Souls at Sea", "Spawn of the North". Adapted by Leonard Hoffman and Quentin Reynolds. Starring James Stewart. Written by Jay Dratler, who is known for his "Laura" and Jerome Cady for its screen play. It surely is a good old movie (1947). I sincerely hope all of you will enjoy it.

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Night Claws 獣人プレデター

A David A. Prior's nice come back to a horror formula and all stars shine as their best. Not only humans but the huge bloodthirsty bigfoot steals this show bringing the aura of cult horror movies. We should forget these nowadays CGI-manias since it is a pure 80's monster. Everything looks perfect as B-class with good music and interesting stories concentrating on forest area and including some nice twists.

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