Winston Churchill

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.(我々は、 他から得ることによって生活するが、 与えることによって人生を築く)----Winston Churchill



The story follows a lots of people as they go about their lives which are caught on camera. They include students and teachers, killers on the run, a would-be musician store clerk and his mates, department store employees and an insurance clerk, and so on... It deals with sex, adultery, violence, lies, abduction and death. If you can enjoy not only Hollywood blockbusters but also thought provoking materials and are more discerning, you will find this film stunning. This film is a modern classic. We view the film entirely through CCTV, and it shows pure truth and the darkness within all of us as it’s unbiased, and free of moral judgment since people are getting sadly lacking in it.

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Lovely, Still やさしい嘘と贈り物

I was taken by this beautiful gem. It is a realistic portrait of a loving family coping with Alzheimer’s. The wife, Ellen Burstyn(エレン・バースティン), is trying hard to keep the connection between her and her husband alive though the husband, Martin Landau(マーティン・ランドー), is traveling alone down the road to oblivion. Both Martin and Ellen are amazing. If you care for your loved ones with this devastating disease, it might be a must-see.

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Cheri わたしの可愛い人―シェリ

A delicious film with an unusual and touching romantic story, gorgeous early 20th century atmosphere and brilliant interpretations from an array of predominantly female actors, Michele Pfeiffer(ミシェル・ファイファー)and Kathy Bates(キャシー・ベイツ). Directed by Stephen Frears(スティーヴン・フリアーズ)and written by Christopher Hampton(クリストファー・ハンプトン)from the novel by Colette(コレット). It's a beautifully made costume drama, shot in some wonderful locations. It's well scripted and moderately entertaining, although probably only for a limited audience. The story flows slow and stylishly, and the final is so moving.

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Last Chance Harvey 新しい人生のはじめかた

The film was both written and directed by Joel Hopkins, a relative newcomer as a British director, but he did a brilliant job. It is extremely painful to watch the paralytic shyness, uncertainties, self-doubts, hesitations, hopelessness, and oppressed personalities of two powerful stars Dustin Hoffman(ダスティン・ホフマン)and Emma Thompson(エマ・トンプソン). Both of them crush in their own ways as they tentatively find each other and struggle to learn to trust one another and overcome the fear of commitment. At the end, we are convinced that people at all ages can take chances.

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