One Fine Day 素晴らしき日

Pleasant romantic comedy stars Michelle Pfeiffer(ミシェル・ファイファー) and George Clooney(ジョージ・クルーニー),who did a very good job playing two people who are divorced with a child and a hectic life. One day, they accidentally meet at the school where their kids go, and during the day, they keep meeting. However, they hate each other at first. But as the movie progresses, the relationship between the two changes from hating each other to liking each other. It shows a lot of stereotypes of course, but the entire movie is actually quite good and enjoyable.

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Something Like That そんな感じ

Free on-line distribution of "Something Like" started with my translation at CON-CAN movie festival today. Please visit the website to start the movie. I hope you'll enjoy it.
字幕翻訳いたしました「そんな感じ」がCON-CANムービー・フェスティバルにて本日より無料ネット配信されています。無料視聴くださるにはサイトをご覧くださいませ。 お楽しみいただければ光栄です。