Meerkat Manor ミーアキャットの世界

"Meerkat Manor" was be released on DVD with my translation in Japan today. The meerkats are just so lovely that I sincerely hope all of you can enjoy the DVD. This series was also broadcasted on TV (ANIMAL PLANET). Dearest Meerkats; You are just too cute.

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The plot is nothing new: A guy trying to get the love of the one he admired. But in this movie the plot isn't important. The focus is not on the plot but the actual happenings in the movie, and there's a lot. First, the movie is funny, with its many gags that just keep on coming. Second, the people seem real enough to be in the situations they brought themselves into. Third, Cameron Diaz(キャメロン・ディアス) is just so beautiful, and a marvel to look at. I can't help but fall in love with her too along with every guy in the film.

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DISCLOSURE ディスクロージャー

This is a pretty catchy way to portray sexual harassment. "Sexual harassment is not about sex, it's about power." Catherine Alvarez played by Roma Maffia(ロマ・マフィア)says in the film. It's refreshing and astonishing to see the flip side of the coin: a man accusing a woman of sexual harassment and proving it. What a unique twist, almost unheard of in the liberal world of mainstream films. The entire cast is phenomenal. Michael Doulgas(マイケル・ダグラス)and Demi Moore(デミ・ムーア)head this fine piece of work based on Michael Crichton(マイケル・クライトン)'s novel. Film keeps a strong interest for the whole time.

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