Loretta Young

Love isn't something you find. Love is something that finds you.(愛とは、あなたが見つけるものではないの。愛とは、あなたを見つけるものなの。)---- Loretta Young


The Milky Way Illumination @ Tokyo Tower 天の川イルミネーション @ 東京タワー

"The Milky Way Illumination" at Tokyo Tower is being illuminated until August 31st (Sun). About 52,000 LED bulbs are being lit up along the 600-step external staircase as well as in the corner of the 150-meter-high Main Observatory, it's called the closest observatory to the Milky Way. Let's have a wonderful time under the brilliant starry sky watching the fabulous night view. For farther information, please visit their website.


Snowpiercer スノーピアサー

"Snowpiercer" is a fresh experience for a Sci-Fi blockbuster. The genre tends to just blow things up, but it rather brings more soul than extreme panache. I would say it is mainly about a revolution attacking against law enforcers and powerful men, but the scenes focusing on the characters are its biggest strength. While those scenes acknowledge human suffering and longing, it takes a lot of time to express about what they've been through, and those small scenes of humanity simply makes it remarkable. The film benefits by its actors. Chris Evans(クリス・エヴァンス)is always a great leading hero bringing enough impact to the character Curtis. His co-stars, such as Jamie Bell(ジェイミー・ベル), Octavia Spencer(オクタヴィア・スペンサー), John Hurt(ジョン・ハート), and Kang-ho Song(コ・アソン)also bring lively personalities on their roles.

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Setagaya-ward Summer Agricultual Fair 世田谷区夏季農産物品評会

An event to disperse the information about the vegetables from Setagaya-ward is being held in Keyaki Square in front of JRA Baji Park on June 14th-15th. We can enjoy their exhibitions and immediate sales of the summer vegetables (tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers, etc), orchard trees, flowering trees grown with loving care by the farmers in this ward, some dietary games and courses by a sommelier. For farther information, please visit the website. Let's pay attention to our own health and get ready for summer heat.
世田谷の野菜を知るイベントが6月14日15日とJRA馬事公苑前けやき広場で開催されます。 区内農家が丹精を込めて栽培した夏野菜(トマト・ナス・キュウリなど)や果樹、花木類の品評展示会、展示品即売、ソムリエによる講座、試食・食育ゲームなどが行われます。 詳細はサイトをクリックくださいませ。健康を心がけて、夏に備えましょう。


The Wolf of Wall Street ウルフ・オブ・ウォールストリート

Martin Scorsese(マーティン・スコセッシ)has done it again. His newest and most refreshing film, "The Wolf of Wall Street" is a thrill that is absolutely hilarious and meticulously constructed. It also presents Academy Award nominee Leonardo DiCaprio(レオナルド・ディカプリオ)in possibly his finest acting performance of his career. He exhibits as Jordan Belfor, a young Wall Street broker who gets involved in drugs, money, and even more drugs during the 80's and 90's. In his tenure trading and stealing, Jordan marries, divorces, does drugs, marries again, does even more drugs, makes solid friendships and does a lot more drugs. Sardonic in humor and unflinching in showing the depravity of its characters, this film marks somewhat of a different approach to the world of stock-trading than Oliver Stone(オリバー・ストーン)'s "Wall Street(ウォール街)".

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Maya Angelou

When you learn, teach, when you get, give. (学んだときは教えなさい。手に入れたときは与えなさい。) ---- Maya Angelou