Maya Angelou

If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude. Don't complain.(何か気に入らなければそれを変えなさい。もし変えられないのなら、あなたの態度を変えなさい。文句は言わないこと。) ---- Maya Angelou


Cassadaga 操り人間

Anthony DiBlasi(アンソニー・ディブラシ), whose first movie was "Dread(クライヴ・バーカー ドレッド恐怖)", dealt with a deaf girl who loses her beloved little sister in a car crash in this film. The girl seeks solace at the spiritualist community of Cassadaga, but she is haunted by visions of a ghost-zombie-girl who won't leave her alone before she clears the story of her death instead. The movie manages to serve you some disturbing imagery staying close to the basic ghost story yet keep you guessing all the time throwing you curve balls.

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Conviction ディア・ブラザー

Such a deeply moving film showing us what a devoted and inseparable loving sister can do for her brother when he needs her most. Their family bond for each other is stronger than any prison can break. Very well acted by Hilary Swank(ヒラリー・スワンク), Minnie Driver(ミニー・ドライヴァー), Juliette Lewis(ジュリエット・ルイス), etc... yet Sam Rockwell(サム・ロックウェル)is the one who really shines in the film. He plays his role really raw and powerful expressing lots of different emotional feelings as the man who got wrongfully convicted of murder.

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Setagaya-ku Tamagawa Fireworks Festival 世田谷区たまがわ花火大会

The 34th Setagaya-ku Tamagawa Fireworks Festival is taking place at Setagaya-kuritsu Futago-Tamagawa Ryokuchi Undohjoh this weekend (August 18th). May small happiness today lead us to "hope" for tomorrow like small seeds become large flowers eventually. For farther information, please visit the website.


Castle キャッスル

Rick Castle is an engaging hero with a surprising amount of support from the characters around him, especially with his daughter and his mother. The relationship formed between the two leads, Nathan Fillion(ネイサン・フィリオン) and Stana Katic(スタナ・カティック), is unquestionably one of the best and most endearing. Plus, not only the two leads but also the rest of the cast fits together like a strange, yet very close family. This show has it all mystery, intrigue, comedy and relationships, beyond romance. If crime dramas with an element of romantic comedy sound for you, you might want to watch and support Castle.

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Setagaya Summer Festival せたがやふるさと区民まつり

The 35th Setagaya Summer Festival is taking place at JRA Baji park this weekend (August 4th 5th). Let's get our souls and bodies refreshed by lots of enjoyable events and local products, and beat the summer heat. For farther information, please visit the website.