It is a poignant story about hope. Hope gets me. It tells a lesson about life. It is also a story for freedom. Freedom from isolation, from rules, from bigotry and hate. Morgan Freeman(モーガン・フリーマン)and Tim Robbins(ティム・ロビンス)are majestic in their performances. Each learns from the other. Their relationship is strong and you feel that from the first moment they make contact with one another. This film encompasses friendships, hardships, hopes, dream, and freedom. And what is so great about the movie is that it moves you. It gives you hope. Even though the circumstances between the characters and the viewers are quite different, you will not feel that far removed from what the characters are going through.

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I'M NOT THERE アイム・ノット・ゼア

Six actors are all playing versions of Bob Dylan(ボブ・ディラン)though their characters have different names. Cate Blanchett(ケイト・ブランシェット)as Jude, Christian Bale(クリスチャン・ベイル)as Jack / Pastor John, Richard Gere(リチャード・ギア)as Billy, Ben Whishaw(ベン・ウィショー)as Arthur, Heath Ledger(ヒース・レジャー)as Robbie, and Marcus Carl Franklin(マーカス・カール・フランクリン)as Woody / Chaplin Boy. Blanchett is getting a lot of buzz for her performance, and she deserves it. She plays an incarnation of Dylan that would be right around the time of "Don't Look Back". Although I think the director, Todd Haynes(トッド・ヘインズ)is mostly successful, I fear that this will be a film that will really interest people who already know about Dylan, and that it will sort of fly over the heads of everyone else. A good movie, and a nice place to start if you want to expand and see something less conventional.

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