James M. Barrie

The secret of happiness is not in doing what one likes, but in liking what one does.(幸せの秘訣は、やりたいことをするのではなく、やらなければならないことを好きになることだ。) ---- James M. Barrie


Happy Birthday to me!

My wonderful co-workers at AEON Shibuya school gave me a sweet birthday card & present today. Thank you so much. Hope all of us will count our lives by smiles, not tears, & count our ages by friends, not years.


Ugly Betty アグリーベティ

A refreshing show based on a soap opera yet its place and the characters are similar to "The Devil Wears Prada プラダを着た悪魔" taking place in the offices of a fancy fashion magazine. The story begins when the former chief editor dies, and the owner puts his son in its place instead of the ambitious lady played by Vanessa Williams(ヴァネッサ・ウィリアムズ), and much of the plot is taken up with her trying to discredit the new chief. The other part of the series concerns Betty's home life with her father, her sister, and her fashion-conscious nephew. All of the roles are perfectly cast, and Betty's open, outgoing and friendly attitude breaks down barriers between people. She'll let you who you are and be proud of it.

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The Famous and the Dead 名前のない少年、脚のない少女

A great Brazilian film with an extremely enjoyable and beautiful photography and a story about existentialism in life and strange yet sincere love. The director, Esmir Filho(エズミール・フィーリョ)had been known for his fine short films, and now he has taken the plunge into features. The young actors provide impressive and natural performance with the conversation and also with the scenes where there's no conversation.

Here are some of Esmir Filho's shorts with my translation. Please visit the websites to start the movies for free. I hope you'll enjoy them.

"Something Like That そんな感じ"
"Paired Off 靴屋の恋"

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Desperate Housewives デスパレートな妻たち

Teri Hatcher(テリー・ハッチャー), Marcia Cross(マーシア・クロス), Felicity Huffman(フェリシティ・ハフマン), and Eva Longoria(エヴァ・ロンゴリア・パーカー)create the bizarre and satirical world, where each one of them lives the perfect life on the outside. Susan Mayer(Teri Hatcher) is a chirpy woman with an adorable daughter and a great romance with Mike Delfino(James Denton), but her clumsiness always gets her in trouble. Bree Van De Camp(Marcia Cross) loves being perfect yet her husband can't stand her perfection, which means her life consists of struggling to retain her marriage. Lynette Scavo(Felicity Huffman) gets the most sympathy as a career woman on her way to be successful in business while her pregnancy takes it all away and now she has to struggle with the out-of-control children and a husband who just doesn't get it. Gabrielle Solis(Eva Longoria) could be the closest to the most dreaming life of the block mainly due to her rich marriage. All the women shine in their glory of the show and Marc Cherry(マーク・チェリー)has created a masterpiece with this series.

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The Switch アラフォー女子のベイビー・プラン

Unmarried Kassie (Jennifer Aniston ジェニファー・アニストン) wants to have a baby and has a sperm party with the donor, Roland(Patrick Wilson パトリック・ウィルソン). Though the deed gets done, the specified cup gets switched by Wally (Jason Bateman ジェイソン・ベイトマン), who are so drunk that he doesn't remember doing it. Seven years later when Wally meets Kassie's son, Sebastian(Thomas Robinson トーマス・ロビンソン), all of their lives start getting more complicated, and, it is Sebastian who will get to you. The chemistry between Kassie and Wally is good for the characters they portrayed, and the banter between them is great. Also comedies come between Wally and Sebastian and they're quite enjoyable. Nice to see Juliette Lewis(ジュリエット・ルイス) being a friend of Jennifer.

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Happy New Year!!

May the year 2012 bring all of us happiness, success, and lots of opportunities, and turn all our dreams into reality and all our efforts into great achievements, and filled with peace, hope, and togetherness of our families and friends... Wishing all of you a very happy new year!!!