Gertrude Stein

Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping.(幸福はお金では買えないと言った人々は、どこで買えばいいか知らなかっただけさ。) ---- Gertrude Stein


The Mountain Between Us ザ・マウンテン 決死のサバイバル21日間

Stranded after a tragic plane crash, two strangers must forge a connection to survive the extreme elements of a remote snow-covered mountain. When they realize help is not coming, they embark on a perilous journey across the wilderness. The lead actors in this movie are displaying their talents to high levels. Idris Elba(イドリス・エルバ)executes his roles superbly, and Kate Winslet( ケイト・ウィンスレット)brings her character to life, unleashing her fiery spirit it wildly.

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Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again マンマ・ミーア! ヒア・ウィー・ゴー

Five years after the events of Mamma Mia! (2008), Sophie prepares for the grand reopening of the Hotel Bella Donna as she learns more about her mother's past. One of the strongest points of the film is its songs, and we get to hear songs mostly from ABBA as usual. The whole cast looked like they had as much fun making it as we did watching it. Everyone did their bit though Lily James(リリー・ジェームズ)was outstanding as the young Donna.

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A Little Something for Your Birthday シャロン・ストーン 世界でいちばんのハッピーバースデイ

An aspiring fashion designer struggles to find success and love. The story cuts into her life once a year, always on the same date: her birthday. Though Sharon Stone(シャロン・ストーン)is 60 now, and playing a woman at the age of 46, the chemistry between Sharon and Tony Goldwyn(トニー・ゴールドウィン)works pretty well. She is still so beautiful and talented.

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at Setagaya Municipal Library 世田谷区立図書館にて 2018.12

"Lucy the Cat Vol.10" with my translation has also been available at Setagaya Municipal Library. Many many thanks. Hope the library patrons, especially the cat lovers in Setagaya, will enjoy petting our Lucy and Lucy will meet lots of friends.


Wonder Wheel 女と男の観覧車

On Coney Island in the 1950s, a lifeguard tells the story of a middle-aged carousel operator, his beleaguered wife, and the visitor who turns their lives upside-down.
Kate Winslet(ケイト・ウィンスレット)gives one of her strongest performances, and her voice and expressions were top notch. It might not Woody Allen(ウディ・アレン)'s strongest film but one of his better.

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My Super Blankey ぼくのスーパーブランキー

"My Super Blankey" with my translation has been published this week. The author, being a math teacher for 35 years in high school, and a mother of four children and grandmother of five, has written a lot of books for which she has taken advantage of her years of experience as a teacher and her rich experience with her children and grandchildren, and this adorable gem is a heart-warming story about a boy and his good friend, a super blanket. I sincerely hope both children and adults can enjoy this book both in English and Japanese.


Christoper Robin プーと大人になった僕

A working-class family man, Christopher Robin, encounters his childhood friend Winnie-the-Pooh, who helps him to rediscover the joys of life. Ewan McGregor(ユアン・マクレガー)gives an exceptional and very believable performance. With the fantastic CGI and story line, it wakes you up to think about what happened to you.

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The 15:17 to Paris 15時17分、パリ行き

In the early evening of August 21, 2015, the world watched in stunned silence as the media reported a thwarted terrorist attack on Thalys train #9364 bound for Paris--an attempt prevented by three courageous young Americans traveling through Europe. Clint Eastwood(クリント・イーストウッド)shot with a documentary-style immediacy, and the action sequence on the train was truly remarkable.

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International Volunteer Day Gift 国際ボランティアデーギフト

From Today (International Volunteer Day) - December 8th, to express our sincere gratitude to all, we have decided to do "Fun in Japan" with my translation FREE download service. We will really appreciate it if you download our adorable little gem for FREE from Amazon Kindle for your favorite devices such as PC, Kindle, Kindle Cloud, iPhone, iPad, etc during this period, and enjoy it.


↓For FREE download. 無料DLはこちらから。
Japan http://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B07KGHHNS5
USA http://www.amazon.com/dp/B07KGHHNS5
Canada http://www.amazon.ca/dp/B07KGHHNS5
Holland http://www.amazon.nl/dp/B07KGHHNS5
France http://www.amazon.fr/dp/B07KGHHNS5
Australia http://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07KGHHNS5

The author, being familiar with communal and educational activities and Bibliotherapy, leads projects and workshops integrated with art. She has written lots of artistic and educational books, and in this book, she shows us a story that recommends listening to kids’ ideas about fun places in Japan including kids’ actual drawings. I sincerely hope both children and adults can enjoy this adorable little gem both in English and Japanese.


At my alma mater 母校にて 2018.12

Those new picture books I translated have been available at Tsuda University Alumnae Association. Also, one of my English teacher colleagues Sally sensei and a member of our university's independent forum, "Translators' Network" enjoyed using those books for their regular read-aloud sessions, and I really appreciate such beautiful opportunities. Many many thanks. Hope that our alumnae, especially the ones who are engaged in basic English or Japanese education and the ones who are in the middle of child-raising will enjoy using those books, and that the books will meet lots of new friends. Their books can be borrowed for 1 month in term time
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at National Diet Library 国立国会図書館にて 2018.12

"Lucy the Cat" series Vol.10, I translated, has been available at National Diet Library Tokyo as well. Many many thanks. Hope the library patrons, especially the ones who are cat lovers, in the middle of child-raising, engaged in basic English and Japanese education, will enjoy the book and Lucy will meet lots of new friends.

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Lucy the Cat Enchanted Forest ねこのルーシーまほうのもり


Kittens' story time おはなしこねこの会 2018.12

 I joined "Kittens' story time", a read-aloud session hosted by "The Wildcat Translation Club of Children's Books" today, and was lucky enough to be able to read aloud some wonderful picture books in front of such adorable little book lovers at Ikebukuro Junkudo children's books section, such a hear-warming and beautiful urban oasis in the middle of Tokyo. Many many thanks for such a wonderful opportunity. Good boys and girls who love picture books, please come and join us. They are holding their regular sessions every month at Ikebukuro Junkudo and Maruzen Marunouchi Honten.
One of the books we read-aloud both in Japanese and English today. "9 kittycats are sleeping".