Erich Fromm

Immature love says:"I love you because I need you." Mature love says:"I need you because I love you."(未熟な愛は言う、「愛してるよ、君が必要だから」と。成熟した愛は言う、「君が必要だよ、愛してるから」と。) ---- Erich Fromm


Lucy ルーシー

A definite must-see for all action/sci-fi lovers as well as those who have an interest in humanity, history and the incredible gift while the main purpose of Luc Besson(リュック・ベッソン)might have been to please the audience. This film will genuinely inspire you to think deeply about evolution, human nature, and life, and will also encourage you to consider the endless possibilities of technology and science. Scarlett Johansson(スカーレット・ヨハンソン)was incredible as Lucy and it was astonishing to observe how her character changed so dramatically within just a few moments. The scientific argumentation given by Morgan Freeman(モーガン・フリーマン)might be laughable.

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Happy Birthday to Me!

I got a surprise birthday present from Ms. Ikuko Asoh-Rhodes, who is the president of HAPPY CUBES and also presenting Saloneze Cafe, today. Thank you very much. Such pretty TIKTOK hand-made candies, I got, will surely let me spend a happy birthday. Hope all of us will count our lives by smiles, not tears, & count our ages by friends, not years.



Kindle: Lucy the Cat & Little Brother キンドル:ねこのルーシー と ちいさな おとうと

"Lucy the Cat & Little brother" became available with my translation via Kindle (299 yen) as well today. You will meet Lucy's little brother, Cristiano, when he was only a few days old.
本日、翻訳いたしました『ねこのルーシー と ちいさな おとうと』がキンドル(299円)からも発売となりました。生まれてたった数日目の子猫、ルーシーちゃんの弟、クリスティアーノ君も登場します。

Written from such an adorable high-grade cat (Sacred Birman), Lucy's point of view with lots of humor, I sincerely hope both children and adults can enjoy this very charming Lucy & Cristiano's world both in English and in Japanese. One of the longtime dreams of the author, who has been successful working for the biggest IT company after graduated from the prestigious Helsinki University in Finland, has come true through this book.
なんとも愛らしい高級ネコ(バーマン)、ルーシーの視点から見た世界が、ユーモアたっぷりに描かれた絵本です。とてもチャーミングなルーシーとクリスティアーノの世界を、親子そろって、英語と日本語のバイリンガルでお楽しみいただければ幸甚です。 フィンランドの名門ヘルシンキ大卒、IT業界最大手に就職し成功された著者の長年の夢がかなった一冊です。

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Non-Stop フライト・ゲーム

"Non-Stop" is a non-stop action thriller with a simple but engaging story in a claustrophobic environment. The camera work is outstanding considering such a narrow space and the performances are magnificent. The plot keeps the mystery to the very end and the viewers guessing who might be the terrorist. Liam Neeson(リーアム・ニーソン)and the gorgeous Julianne Moore(ジュリアン・ムーア)are like wine, the older they are the better. 

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At National Library of New Zealand ニュージーランド国立図書館にて

"The Bedbug Who Wouldn't Bite" has become available with my translation at National Library of New Zealand. Hope you can enjoy the book reading aloud with children.

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National Library of New Zealand Catalog ニュージーランド国立図書館カタログ
National Library of New Zealand ニュージーランド国立図書館
National Diet Library Tokyo 国立国会図書館 東京本館


Setagaya Rag Bazaar 世田谷ボロ市

Setagaya Rag Bazzar, which is more than 430 years old and very historical, is being held on January 15th-16th. Identified as Tokyo-to intangible cultural heritage, it has a variety of shops such as antique shops, old-clothes shops, toy stores, gardeners, food shops. Please enjoy the bazaar with their about 700 street stores and hundreds of thousands of visitors every time. For farther information, please click the website.


Girls ガールズ

If you are looking for the next glamorous "Sex and the City" show, this isn't the one. It might quite a lot like "SATC": four women from NYC who struggle with acquiring their careers and finding love, but it doesn't advertise glamour in any way, which is a complete deviation from the average American show. The early twenties is an age when you are on your own for the first time of your life, an adventure to figure out who you are, what you want and where to go being grown up yet still clueless about life and what to expect from it. This show makes a great job capturing that feeling, and Lena Dunham(レナ・ダナム), creator, director and protagonist is so talented.

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Into The Storm イントゥ・ザ・ストーム

Directed by Steven Quale(スティーヴン・クエイル), also known for "Final Destination 5(ファイナル・デッドブリッジ)", starring Richard Armitage(リチャード・アーミティッジ), also known for Thorin(トーリン) in the"Hobbit(ホビット)" films, I would say this is a movie that should be seen in the theater since it was such an experience seeing the tornadoes, hearing the train-like noise when a tornadoes comes barreling towards the cities and cars. One of the best aspects of this movie is how close you really get into the tornadoes. You go inside it and it looks frightening and beautiful at the same time. The effects were impressive and the destruction on display was well done.

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Happy New Year! 明けましておめでとうございます

Happy New Year! Let me thank all of you so much for everything you did for me last year and I greatly appreciate all the help you gave me. Hope we can continue building a good relationship this year. On New Year's Eve - the first three days of the New Year, lots of countdown events are being held. For farther information, please visit the website. Whether you are having a blast during the year change period or not, hope all of you will have another happy new year.