The Rainmaker レインメーカー

John Grisham(ジョン・グリシャム) and Francis Ford Coppola(フランシス・フォード・コッポラ) !! "The Rainmaker" has to be great. Readers of John Grisham(ジョン・グリシャム)'s book will find this film rather less of a thriller and more of a courtroom drama. The story is not flattering to lawyers, but it's not all-condemning either. It's just a good storytelling. I felt Matt Damon(マット・デイモン) does very well in this role and demonstrates why he is considered one of the best in the crop of today's younger actors. Sweet Claire Danes(クレア・デインズ) is very appealing as the battered wife who winds up being romanced by Damon. That part of the film is not distracting, but a nice break from the legalese of the main story.

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The Second Star to the Left 星空からのプレゼント

"The Second Star to the Left" will be screened with my translation at Tokyo International Film Festival (October 18th - 26th). If you have time, please join us in the theater. For farther information, please visit the website.