Mahatma Gandhi

Find purpose, the means will follow.(目的を見つけよ。手段は後からついてくる。) ---- Mahatma Gandhi


Fahrenheit 11/9 華氏119

Filmmaker Michael Moore(マイケル・ムーア)examines the current state of American politics, particularly the Donald Trump(ドナルド・トランプ)presidency and gun violence, while highlighting the power of grassroots democratic movements. The lessons of the last election weigh heavily on Michael and on the nation. He gives us the working class views of the betrayal of all parties in addressing the needs of the average working American. Very poignant documentary.

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Suburbicon サバービコン 仮面を被った街

As a 1950's suburban community self-destructs, a home invasion has sinister consequences for one seemingly normal family. The movie includes numerous talented actors. Matt Damon(マット・デイモン)really convinces as two-faced family father, Julianne Moore(ジュリアン・ムーア)plays two roles and portrays both a bitter and disabled family mother as well as her manipulative and superficial sister. And, George Clooney(ジョージ・クルーニー)is obviously rather known as an actor but he proves that he can also direct great movies.

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The House with a Clock in its Walls ルイスと不思議の時計

A young orphan named Lewis Barnavelt aids his magical uncle in locating a clock with the power to bring about the end of the world. Like most fantasy movies of late, it's very CGI driven, and the leading trio is wonderful. Jack Black(ジャック・ブラック)and Cate Blanchett(ケイト・ブランシェット)have excellent chemistry together, and they're both quite humorous. The kid, Owen Vaccaro(オーウェン・ヴァカーロ), simply has the look of the ultimate social misfit.

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The House of Magic おじいさんと子猫の魔法の家

Thunder, an abandoned young cat seeking shelter from a storm, stumbles into the strangest house imaginable, owned by an old magician and inhabited by a dazzling array of automatons and gizmos. You might feel like you've seen something like this a thousand times before, but it's also powered by a comfortable, familiar spark of magic. A fun and charming movie. Colorful, great characters, a flowing plot, and plenty of smiles and laughs.

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White Day Gift ホワイトデーギフト

From today to White Day, to express our sincere gratitude to all, we have decided to do "My Tree and I" with my translation FREE download service. We will really appreciate it if you download our adorable little gem for FREE from Amazon Kindle for your favorite devices such as PC, Kindle, Kindle Cloud, iPhone, iPad, etc during this period, and enjoy it.
本日からホワイトデーに向けまして、皆さまへの日頃の感謝の気持ちを込めまして、訳書『き と わたし』の無料ダウンロードを行うこととなりましたのでご報告差し上げます。期間中は無料にてアマゾン・キンドルからダウンロードできますので、この機に、PC、キンドル、クラウド、iPhone、iPadなど、皆さま各々のお気に入りデバイスへ入れていただき、愛でてやってくだされば幸甚です。

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Thanks to you all, it has been No.1 Best Seller on Amazon !
Amazon ベストセラー商品ランキング:
1位 --- Kindleストア > Kindle洋書 > Children's Books
Thank you so much for DLing and petting our Tree when you are busy, everyone. We appreciate your beautiful reviews and loyal patronage. Hope all of you have a beautiful White Day.

Please enjoy some treasure images in return for your loyalties.

With "The Terrible Two" series. The moment when our Tree outran Alice.: Amazon Bestseller #1 (Children's Books Category)
「The Terrible Two」シリーズと。アリスから逃げ切った瞬間。: アマゾン1位(子供の本のカテゴリー)

With "Funny English" series. The moment when our Tree outran Franz Kafka.: Amazon Bestseller #2 (Foreign Language Category)
「Funny English」シリーズと。フランツ・カフカから逃げ切った瞬間。: アマゾン2位(外国語のカテゴリー)

With "Cat Comics" series. The moment when our Tree outran Franz Kafka and "Kwaidan" by Lafcadio Hearn.: Amazon Bestseller #2 (Education Category)
「猫まんが」シリーズと。フランツ・カフカと小泉八雲の「怪談」から逃げ切った瞬間。: アマゾン2位 (教育のカテゴリー)
The author, being familiar with communal and educational activities and Bibliotherapy, leads projects and workshops integrated with art. She has written lots of artistic and educational books, and this book tells about the similarity between the kid and her tree, and teaches new words in a natural way. I sincerely hope both children and adults can enjoy this adorable little gem both in English and Japanese.


The Nutcracker and the Four Realms くるみ割り人形と秘密の王国

Another beautiful fantasy by Disney. A young girl is transported into a magical world of gingerbread soldiers and an army of mice. Mackenzie Foy(マッケンジー・フォイ)does a good job playing the lead, and Keira Knightley(キーラ・ナイトレイ)is a stand-out among the other actors such as Oscar Winner Morgan Freeman(モーガン・フリーマン).

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Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves アリババと 40にんの とうぞく

"Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves" with my translation has been published this week. The author has been writing a lot of children's picture books with a unique, refreshing, therapeutic style combining a vivid imagination, humor, and flowing rhythm in her stories. This gem was written based on a traditional folktale in rhyme, and its ethical message is appealing to the hearts of children. I sincerely hope both children and adults can enjoy this gem both in English and in Japanese with the brilliant illustration.
今週、翻訳いたしました『アリババと 40にんの とうぞく 』が出版されました。ユニークでリフレッシングな癒し系の子ども絵本を数多く手がける著者の作品には、ビビッドなイマジネーションと流れるようなリズム感が同居しています。本作は古くから伝わる民話を美しい韻で楽しめる一作。道徳的メッセージも子どもたちの心に響きます。 鮮やかなイラストとともに、英語と日本語のバイリンガルで、子供も大人もお楽しみいただければ幸甚です。


Kittens' story time おはなしこねこの会 2019.03

I joined "Kittens' story time", a read-aloud session hosted by "The Wildcat Translation Club of Children's Books" today, and was lucky enough to be able to read aloud some wonderful picture books in front of such adorable little book lovers at Ikebukuro Junkudo children's books section, such a hear-warming and beautiful urban oasis in the middle of Tokyo. Many many thanks for such a wonderful opportunity. Good boys and girls who love picture books, please come and join us. They are holding their regular sessions every month at Ikebukuro Junkudo and Maruzen Marunouchi Honten.