Ehon Therapist Association 絵本セラピスト協会

A seminar was held at Ehon (Picture book) Therapist Association today, and I had a honor of listening to Mr. Tatsunobu Okada, A.K.A. Tacchan's business strategies targeting communities, and enjoyed sharing a productive time with his ehon therapists appreciating this nice opportunity. If you would also like to know "How can we put some smiles on people's faces using picture books?", why don't you join one of their seminars? Tacchan's book "Picture books are prescriptions for our spirits " is also available. Also looking forward to collaborating with the Ehon therapists through the picture books with my translation.

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Ehon Therapit Association 絵本セラピスト協会
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Into the Woods イントゥ・ザ・ウッズ

A unique and intriguing film (musical). The songs are quite good and lyrical. The special effect and make-up, hair styling were all great and made it an immersing musical experience. Speaking of the cast, Meryl Streep(メリル・ストリープ)was awesome as usual, Emily Blunt(エミリー・ブラント)and James Cordon(ジェームズ・コーデン)put up an honest act and Anna Kendrick(アナ・ケンドリック)was good as Cinderella though some might feel Johnny Depp(ジョニー・デップ)didn't shine much in a tiny role as the wolf.

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For those who are planning on exhibiting your works at Bologna Children's Book Fair ボローニャ絵本見本市/出展検討

An orientation was held for those who are thinking of "selling their own works to foreign countries not just showing them off" at Bologna Children's Book Fair with their noble intentions today. We enjoyed some of the founder members' gems which were already successful in other countries and appreciate their fine worlds. If you have a gift for illustrations or children's books, why don't you try demonstrating your abilities? May smiles and children's books prevail around Japan Booth at 2016 Bologna Children's Book Fair.

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Bologna Children's Book Fair


American Sniper アメリカン・スナイパー

Clint Eastwood(クリント・イーストウッド)was a perfect choice for this film and did an incredible job telling Chris Kyle's life and his service in the Navy as a SEAL sniper who killed nearly 200 enemy soldiers. The film is relentlessly violent and disturbing but honors the life of the late Kyle in a very admirable way. It doesn't show this man as an invincible legend, it shows him as a mere man with a heart and soul that are clearly broken due to his sacrifice for his country. Bradley Cooper(ブラッドリー・クーパー)delivers the best performance of his career as Kyle, and Clint Eastwood proves that he can still deliver a phenomenal film even in his mid-eighties.

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Marine Day Gift 海の日ギフト

From today for Marine Day (July 19th - 21st), to express our sincere gratitude to all, we have decided to do "Lucy the Cat: Play with Me" with my translation FREE download service. We will really appreciate it if you download our Lucy for FREE from Amazon Kindle for your favorite devices such as iPhone, iPad, Kindle etc during this period, and pet her.
本日より海の日に向けまして(7月19日~21日)、皆さまへの日頃の感謝の気持ちを込めまして、訳書『ねこのルーシー わたしと あそんで』の無料ダウンロードを行うこととなりましたのでご報告差し上げます。期間中は無料にてアマゾン・キンドルからダウンロードできますので、この機に、キンドル、iPhone、iPadなど、皆さま各々のお気に入りデバイスへ入れて飼っていただき、愛でてやってくだされば幸甚です。

↓For FREE download. 無料DLはこちらから。

Thanks to you all, it has been No.1 Best Seller on Amazon (Animals Category) ! 
おかげさまで、Amazonベストセラー商品ランキング1位(アニマルカテゴリー)になれました !
Amazon ベストセラー商品ランキング: 
1位 -- Kindleストア > Kindle洋書 > Children's Books > Animals 
Thank you so much for DLing and petting her when you are busy, everyone. We really appreciate your loyal patronage. 

Please enjoy some treasure images in return for your loyalties.

1. A treasure image with "Frog and Toad" : Amazon Bestseller 1st
がまくんとかえるくん」とのお宝画像 : アマゾン1位

2. A treasure image with "Paddington Bear" : Amazon Bestseller 1st
くまのパディントン」とのお宝画像 : アマゾン1位

3. A commemorative photo with "Geronimo Stilton"

4. A commemorative photo with "Doctor Dolittle's Circus"

5. A commemorative image when Lucy was almost catching up with "Peter Rabbit" while she was paid.

6. A commemorative image when Lucy was almost catching up with "The Great Gatsby" in foreign books category.

Hope all of you will have a wonderful Marine Day. We will greatly appreciate all of your further support.

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Steel (11th wedding) anniversary photos 鋼鉄婚式(11周年)記念撮影

         Before     →     After
This year marks our Steel (11th wedding) anniversary. Thank you so much for being nice and kind to us at all times. For those who are hoping to celebrate your Silver (25th) anniversary, Gold (50th) anniversary, Diamond (60th) anniversary, Platinum (70th) anniversary..., let's keep going as far as we can go as we please. Hope you'll enjoy our 11th anniversary photos "Unspeakable Before-After analysis (with dinosaurs version)". 

        Before     →     After
11th anniversary photo 11周年記念撮影 by CLAIRE Bridal Studio クレールブライダルスタジオ

 ~Bits of knowledge マメ知識~
1st : Paper 紙婚式
2nd : Cotton 綿婚式
3rd : Leather 革婚式
4th : Linen, Silk リンネル婚式、絹婚式 Fruit and Flowers 花と果実婚式
5th : Wood 木婚式
6th : Iron Sugar 鉄婚式
7th : Wool, Copper 銅婚式
8th : Bronze 青銅婚式
9th : Pottery Willow 陶器婚式
10th : Tin, Aluminum アルミ婚式、錫婚式
11th : Steel 鋼鉄婚式
12th : Silk, Silk and fine Linen 絹婚式、亜麻婚式
13th : Lace レース婚式
14th : Ivory 象牙婚式
15th : Crystal 水晶婚式
20th : China 磁器婚式、陶器婚式
25th : Silver 銀婚式
30th : Pearl 真珠婚式
35th : Coral, jade Coral 珊瑚婚式
40th : Ruby ルビー婚式
45th : Sapphire サファイア婚式
50th : Gold 金婚式
55th : Emerald エメラルド婚式
60th : Diamond ダイヤモンド婚式
70th : Platinum プラチナ婚式


Toy Story of Terror! トイ・ストーリー・オブ・テラー!

In this adventure, the toys find themselves in their own little horror movie. As Bonnie and her mum are on a trip they find themselves stopping at a motel and soon the toys start to disappear one by one. An impressive aspect about this special is that a handful of actors such as Tom Hanks(トム・ハンスク), Tim Allen(ティム・アレン), Wallace Shawn(ウォーレス・ショーン)and Don Rickles(ドン・リックスズ)are reprising the roles that they made famous with the previous films in the "Toy Story" franchise. Hanks is back as Woody, Allen returns as Buzz Lightyear, and so on.

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at my alma mater 母校にて

The latest issue of "Lucy the Cat" series and "Ode to Rastus" etc, I translated, have become available for borrowing at my alma mater. Normally, books can be borrowed for 1 month in term time. Hope our alumnae, especially the ones who are in the middle of child raising, will enjoy those books reading aloud with children. I have been so glad and honored to meet such wonderful alumnae since I joined their Career Juku (old girls' association) last month. I will greatly appreciate all of your further guidance and support.

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Tanabata Read Aloud Project for Adults 七夕おとなの絵本プロジェクト@ポプラ社

'Read Aloud Project for Adults ~ Read aloud events of the adults, by the adults, for the adults' was held at a fine event site of Poplar Publishing Co., a leading publisher of children's books, today, on Tanabata night, and all of us enjoyed a pleasant time being healed and chillaxed. It was also one of the beautiful admins' birthday, and each one of us received a piece of the gorgeous cake and an adorable souvenir. Thank you so much. Their next event will be held at Little Tokyo (Minato-ward) on August 7th (Fri) 7:00 p.m. May smiles and picture books prevail at the venue.
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How to Train Your Dragon 2 ヒックとドラゴン2

The world of "How to Train Your Dragon" has been vastly expanded and explored. It is much more of an adventure film. The film has taken everything from the original "HTTYD" to the next level, emotion, intensity, action, adventure, humor, and depth. While still colorful, playful and visually all over the place, the tone of the sequel is noticeably darker and the predominant themes are more mature. The writers made some unusually daring decisions in having Hiccup face very tough realities in life.

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