Mark Twain

I've had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened.(私がこれまで思い悩んだことのうち、98パーセントは取り越し苦労だった。) ---- Mark Twain


Finding Dory ファインディング・ドリー

Such a colorful, fun and entertaining animation. This one is more to kids than "Finding Nemo(ファインディング・ニモ)". "Nemo" was more realistic and smarter while this one takes its premise more optimistic and more adventurous. Voice acting was superb, visuals were amazing and there were some interesting and very impressive action sequences.

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Labor Thanksgiving Day Gift 勤労感謝の日ギフト

From yesterday to today (Labor Thanksgiving Day), to express our sincere gratitude to all, we have decided to do "The Green Twins" with my translation FREE download service. We will really appreciate it if you download our Ethan & Emma for FREE from Amazon Kindle for your favorite devices such as iPhone, iPad, Kindle etc during this period for Labor Thanksgiving Day (23th), and cherish them.

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Japan https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B01IJT47PW
USA https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01IJT47PW
Canada http://www.amazon.ca/dp/B01IJT47PW
Holland http://www.amazon.nl/dp/B01IJT47PW
France http://www.amazon.fr/dp/B01IJT47PW
Ausralia http://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B01IJT47PW

Thank you so much for DLing and cherishing our Ethan & Emma when you are busy, everyone. We really appreciate your loyal patronage. Hope all of you have a beautiful national holiday.
お忙しい折、イーサン君とエマちゃんをDLいただき、愛でてくださり誠にありがとうございます。心より感謝申し上げます。 皆さまどうぞよい祝日をお過ごしくださいますよう。


Career Juku キャリア塾(8)

I joined my alma mater's career juku today. The alumni speaker, Ms. Mami Yoda gave us a wonderful lecture based on her experiences including at her own company, Sanca Process Design and NPO The Most Beautiful Villages in Japan, and we also enjoyed exchanging our career information with our career-oriented old girls appreciating this precious opportunity. Thank you so much. Wishing all of our alumnae more success and prosperity.
本日、母校のキャリア塾へ参加いたしました。同窓生スピーカーの依田真美さまには、代表をされているSanca Process DesignNPO日本で最も美しい村連合での経験談を始め、すばらしいお講義をしていただき、またキャリア志向なOGの方々ともキャリア情報の交換ができまして貴重な機会に感謝申し上げます。同窓生の皆さまの今後の更なるご活躍、ご繁栄を祈念いたします。


at National Diet Library 国立国会図書館にて 2016

Those picture books published in the 2nd half (July-December) of 2016 with my translation have been available at National Diet Library Tokyo as well. Hope the library patrons, especially the ones who are in the middle of child raising, engaged in basic English or Japanese education, will enjoy them and the books will meet lots of new friends.
2016年下半期に出版されました翻訳絵本が、国立国会図書館でもご利用可能となりました。とくに子育て中の方々、初級英語や日本語教育に携わっていらっしゃる方々など、お楽しみいただければ光栄です。 絵本にお友達がいっぱいできますように。

↓For farther information, please click each title. 詳細はタイトルをクリックくださいませ。
The Snail who Forgot the Mail ゆうびんを わすれた カタツムリ
What's in the Box? はこの なかみは なあに?
The Green Twins グリーン・ツインズ

Please click here for the ones published in the first half (January-July) of 2016


Super Moon Gift スーパームーン・ギフト

From yesterday, Super Moon (November 14th) to today, to express our sincere gratitude to all, we have decided to do "Terry Treetop Finds New Friends" with my translation FREE download service. We will really appreciate it if you download our Terry & Kitty the kitten for FREE from Amazon Kindle for your favorite devices such as iPhone, iPad, Kindle etc during this period for Super Moon (14th), and pet them.
昨日スーパームーン(11月14日)から本日にかけまして、皆さまへの日頃の感謝の気持ちを込めまして、訳書『テリー・ツリートップ あたらしい おともだちを みつける』の無料ダウンロードを行うこととなりましたのでご報告差し上げます。期間中は無料にてアマゾン・キンドルからダウンロードできますので、この機に、キンドル、iPhone、iPadなど、皆さま各々のお気に入りデバイスへ、テリー君と子ネコのキティちゃんを入れていただき、愛でてやってくだされば幸甚です。

 ↓For FREE download. 無料DLはこちらから。 
Japan https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B01GG1XF3K 
USA https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01GG1XF3K 
Canada http://www.amazon.ca/dp/B01GG1XF3K 
Holland http://www.amazon.nl/dp/B01GG1XF3K 
France http://www.amazon.fr/dp/B01GG1XF3K 
Ausralia http://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B01GG1XF3K 

Thanks to you all, it has been No.1 Best Seller on Amazon ! 
Amazon ベストセラー商品ランキング: 
1位 --- Kindleストア > Kindle洋書 > Children's books 
Thank you so much for DLing and petting our Terry & Kitty the kitten, everyone. We really appreciate your loyal patronage. Hope all of your Super Moon wishes will come true. 
お忙しい折、テリー君と子ネコのキティちゃんをDLいただき、愛でてくださり誠にありがとうございます。心より感謝申し上げます。 皆さまのステキお願いもスーパームーンに届きますように。 

Please enjoy some treasure images in return for your loyalties.

When Terry and Kitty outran "The Great Gatsby" and "Peter Rabbit", and with "Harry Potter": Amazon Bestseller #1 (Non Category)
『グレートギャッツビー』や『ピーターラビット』から逃げ切り『ハリーポッター』と : アマゾン1位 (カテゴリーなし)

Terry and Kitty outran "Alice" and "The Secret Garden", and with "Harry Potter": Amazon Bestseller #1 (Children books Category)
『アリス』や『秘密の花園』から逃げ切り『ハリーポッター』と: アマゾン1位 (子どもの本カテゴリー)

This is a story about a boy named Terry. Everybody called him Terry Treetop because he loved climbing trees. Terry had no friends to play with, so he went on a journey to find new friends. But things didn't go smoothly. After struggling hard, he almost gave up, when a new opportunity came his way. Will Terry use this opportunity to find new friends? An adorable picture book series that will motivate and inspire children to be active about the things they want to achieve in lives, and not to give up their quests for love and happiness. Please recharge your souls with the full-color illustrations of energetic Terry and the animals he met.

Author's Site 著者サイト


Irrational Man 教授のおかしな妄想殺人

This film fits majestically within possibly Woody Allen(ウディ・アレン)'s most noble ambition: to have the same movie be as good a comedy as it is a tragedy as it is a story of triumph. In other words, it's an ambitious script. Joaquin Phoenix(ホアキン・フェニックス) and Emma Stone(エマ・ストーン) are clearly enjoying themselves as the grumpy philosophy professor and his admiring student and lover. Allen's script plays in a lighthearted way with serious philosophical concepts such as guilt, evil and righteousness. Also, he throws in a murder mystery and makes the suspense last until the very end.

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Ex Machina エクス・マキナ

"Ex Machina" deals with a familiar theme in a very unique way. It focuses on the subtle and nuanced performances of its tiny cast as the film explores what it means to be human. Performances from all three leads are flawless and excellent, most notably Alicia Vikander(アリシア・ヴィカンダー)as the beguiling Ava, who absolutely passes for being almost human. Her precise movements have a tinge of a mechanical skeleton, yet she is undeniably seductive. The very goo writing underpins the success of the film, and the dialogue feels real and non-cliché. Another very impressive science fiction for those who appreciate the genre's more cerebral side.

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At Gotokuji Temple 豪徳寺にて(2)

The cat picture books born this year got UNLIMITED POWER at Gotokuji temple, which is famous for Maneki neko (lucky cat). Thank you so much. Wishing that 2017 will be another UNLIMITED POWER-FULL year.