Kitten Academy 子猫アカデミー(4)

Lucy Vol.4 has also visited Kitten Academy in Illinois USA, and met the headmaster face to face. Many many thanks for such a wonderful opportunity. This is such an adorable school that helps kittens to meet foster families. To enjoy the moment when she met the headmaster, please check this Youtube video. Don't miss the headmaster's cutest cat T-shirt as well.
Youtube: 41:00~ / 1:34:43
Youtube: 全体1時間34分43秒のうち、41分00秒あたりから
Local time: SAT 11/11/17 12:40:06~
現地時間: 2017年11月11日(土曜)正午12時40分06秒あたりから

A few treasure screenshots when Lucy met the headmaster

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