Cat's Drawing Exhibition ネコ絵画展

From April 16th - 23rd, Cat's Drawing Exhibition is being held at Gallery Cafe George (Setagaya-ku) by Ms. Sigal Magen, whose picture books I have translated and been so glad and honored. Thanks to the owner, Ms. Mayumi Mori's kind arrangement, the other cat picture books I translated are also at the gallery, and I really appreciate such a wonderful opportunity. Anyone will be warmly welcomed to enjoy the art works during the period. If you ever come up this way, especially cat lovers, hope you will drop by and enjoy yourselves. Sigal will also be in Japan and stay for a few days at the gallery during the period. You can also enjoy Afternoon Tea Party on 22nd.

Cat's Drawing Exhibition ネコ絵画展 ↓
Tea Party ティーパーティ↓
George ジョルジュ↓

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